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I live in the desert (Las Vegas) and am presently working on a scratch built viking ship. I'm using Elmers wood glue on most of the project but am having problems with it drying out quickly when setting long strakes to the already set strakes. I've tried wetting both the strake and overlapping strake before clamping it in place but I still have very little time to adjust before it takes. Is there a method anyone knows of prolonging initial set time or possibly a better glue I could be using? The air is very dry here.

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CA is great,you just have to be careful if you ZIP(Accelerate) it.

It can get very hot and expand,so make sure it is clamped,and then just a dab of accelerator will do the job.

CA= Cyano-acrylate-super glue



current build--- USF Essex---Pending workshop in GA.

Past builds----Amati Gundeck section 32LB CARRONADE

32lb carronade 015



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Thank you everyone for all the advice. 

I think I'll try the contact cement first because I already have a half gallon of it that I use for the occasional formica job I get. I'll also try the weldbond if I can find it. Super glue? Might give that a shot too but that could get expensive quickly considering the size of the model I'm building.  Unfortunately Brian C, the summer evening here get down to about 85 if we're lucky.

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