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    Miami,Fl,with Georgia on my mind.
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    Scale modeling,coin collecting,flight sims--BMS 4.32 etc.
    ship modeling,firearms,
    Retired firefighter---MDFR.

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  1. I just purchased the vintage MS -USF Essex.Although not a POB boat I think it will help me get my feet wet with masts ,rigging,deck planking,and some scratch building.Once my work shop has been moved up here to Georgia I'll be in business.
  2. CA is great,you just have to be careful if you ZIP(Accelerate) it. It can get very hot and expand,so make sure it is clamped,and then just a dab of accelerator will do the job. CA= Cyano-acrylate-super glue
  3. While packing books for the move to Georgia,found this. An 1898 copy of Frank Sheridan's The cruise of the Essex.
  4. I built this 20 years ago and it shows,but I love wooden kits and now plan to tackle the ship side.
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