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Workspace spray booth

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To prevent having color dust in whole room, I wanted to buy spray booth. But I didnt like anything on the market, so I ve decided to build my own. In this topic I want to share some experience, I gained during this mini-project. 


I decided to make it little bit bigger and use it also as workspace, so it is sized to fit medium sized models (1/350 battleship will fit there easily). Other requirment was ability to vent fumes via flexible hose through window. Design of box is nothing special, I only wanted to make it easily transportable, so everything is connected via "locks" for furniture, so it is no problem to disassemble it by loosening few screws.

First I bought some bathroom fans and it was more or less working (filters were catching some color dust), but they simply havent enough power to push it even through 2m of flexible hose. So there was a good lesson. Standard small fans with low wattage (usually 5-10 Watts) are good only for transporting air on very short distance (in case of bathroom fans through wall). To be able to transport it through hose, you also need to check static pressure parameter (Pa) which is fan able to generate. Typical 220v bathroom fan has cca 90m3/hour and it is able to generate 48Pa of pressure. According to some tables, 50Pa should be enough for 2m of pipe, but it was not. In my case hose is not straight and it will never be and there is big lost of efficiency if there are any sharp angles etc. Also filter causes HUGE lost of pressure.

So I ve decided to buy fan really meant for transporting air through pipes. Just size is totally different league and parameters also (55W, 350m3 and 350Pa). I bought two, just in case. Well, I have tendency to slightly overengineer sometimes, but price difference wasnt that big and who wouldn´t want to be sure? And this really works:



Because of sheer power, I ve also installed regulator, so I can easily control strength of venting. On one side I put plug hub, because there is never enough of plugs:



For lightning I used some LED array for kitchens to not have point lightsource as main light source. I chose model with glass protection of LEDs, so I can easily clean color from it, if needed:



All electronic parts including fans are not hardwired, but can be easily removed by disconnecting connectors:



Example of furniture "lock":



I also made drawer-like cartridge for filters, so I can put inside any filter, even industry level 5cm thick filter for car spraying stations:



It is surprisingly not expensive, you only need to buy several square meters at once:




For workspace I use PVC flooring, it is easily replacable and good for cutting.


I am improving this design from time to time, so in case I do something interesting, I will update.

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