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  1. Amazing work, both the model and the comprehensive build log explaining the techniques used. Thanks for taking the time to share your wonderful model and the knowledge and techniques used to create it.
  2. Interesting, the hull construction looks pretty much exactly like my Bluejacket America (which is sort of languishing in the shop). I did not realize they had other kits that followed the same scheme. I'll follow along to see how you progress. Have fun with the build.
  3. I agree this is very odd. Can you log in to the wi-fi router and look to see if there is any sort of error log? Maybe it will indicate that it is blocking MSW for some reason, or hit some error. And along the lines of what VTHokiEE said, if you can try a wired connection from one of your devices, that might be interesting too.
  4. Bob, thanks for the interest in my project, the kind words, and the encouragement. A few times in the past I've checked your Pen Duick log and have been very impressed. MSW is sort of a double (or even triple) edged sword. I've learned a ton reading stuff here, but also have been humbled by the skill and knowledge and dedication of others, like yourself. And I have spent far more time reading the website than working on my own project in the last year. I have made little bits of progress here and there, and I really do hope to spend more time on it and finish things up. I
  5. Beautiful model, well done! And thanks for putting all the work into explaining what you have done, particularly with the sails. One of these days I really need to get back to mine, and these posts provide some inspiration.
  6. I think I left the bow block a bit large, then butted the planks up against it, then sanded things smooth. And then some bondo and layers of primer and no visible seams anywhere.
  7. Regarding the non-level waterline....I recall reading about that somewhere else, though I apologize I have no idea where. As I recall it is just an aesthetic choice to counteract an optical illusion. With some hull shapes, a perfectly level waterline can actually appear as if it droops down at the bow and stern, so they raise the ends of the waterline up just a bit to make it look level to the eye. Very nice build so far, looking forward to seeing more progress.
  8. Looks like you are off to a great start. Your attention to detail will serve you well. I'll follow along....I built this kit 4 or 5 years ago, though it was before I discovered MSW so there is no build log of my efforts. I did post a picture in Eric "cathead"'s review of this kit. If you have not seen the review it is probably worth a quick look:
  9. Amazing detail as always, and as Wefalck says, that last picture with your hand reminds all of the scale of this model. Those close up pictures of the chain plates look like they could be from a full sized boat. You must be getting close to done? I've thought that before and you keep adding more incredible details. I am anxious to see the weathering on the hull....it always makes me smile a bit to see the weathered topsides and the almost pristine hull.
  10. Chuck, thanks for all the hard work on the forum by you and the other admins and volunteers. I admit I have not used tags much but did some experimenting after reading through this and can see how it will all be very useful. Based on the count of posts by topic, seems you guys are flying through the re-org. It probably does not seem like it to you, but you've moved a large number of logs in a fairly short time. And yes I added a kit manufacturer and subject tag to my build log. Though there are several different variations of tags for "Bluejacket Ship Crafters"; hope I picked the best one
  11. I've enjoyed intermittently following this fantastic build. Really impressed by the level of thought and research you put into the project. You were not just building a model, but really trying to understand how it all worked and how the original builders approached construction. Well done.
  12. Thank you @BobG that is very kind.
  13. After losing momentum working on my America, I felt I needed a way to ease back into the shipyard. Some time ago I saw some pictures of the Chesepeake Light Craft Annapolis Wherry and liked the sleek lines. I bought one of their kits several months ago, but only started on it about a month ago. Due to local lockdown, I limited myself to stuff I had on hand. In normal times I probably would have used a bit more wood filler in places, and maybe another coat or two of primer, though overall I am (mostly) happy with the end result. I was also mostly happy with the kit itself.
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