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  1. Glad to see you continuing with your America build. She's looking really good. The frames don't look too far out of line from here. I also had to do some trimming and a bit of shimming of a few of the frames after attaching them to the keel to get things to line up. You might consider putting on the bilge clamps/sheer clamps before doing much fairing or trimming of the frames. The clamps will reduce the chance of snapping off one side of the frame when fairing or trimming them. I recall that I broke one or two of my frames and had to glue them back together. Of course you mi
  2. Nice shot Phil. Now I feel like an idiot for not bouncing the light off the walls and ceiling for my recent shots, though I have not done a lot of indoor macro photography. I've also done some focus stacking for very small objects or for landscapes but did not really think about it for a medium sized object like a model. Thanks for the tips, now I have something to try today.
  3. Thank you, you are too kind. The finish on your Miss Severn and Fifie tell me I have a ways to go yet but I am getting there. Thank you all, I appreciate it. And thanks again to all those you looked it, commented, and hit the like button on this build log and on the pictures in the gallery. The encouragement means a lot to me.
  4. Thanks, it was a challenging but fun build. It would look great next to your Atlantic!
  5. Here is my completed yacht America built from the kit supplied by Bluejacket Ship Crafters, 1/48th scale (1/4" == 1 foot).
  6. And so I have marked this as "finished". I still need to sort out what I am doing about the case, but the model itself is finished. Here are a few photos I've taken. I'll post more in a gallery in the completed kits section in a while. And this last one I think @MrBlueJacket will like it. Of the eight model boats I've completed, 5 of them have been from Bluejacket. In front are the two very small scale 1934 America's cup contenders Endeavour and Rainbow that I acquired and built probably 20 or 25 years ago. Behind that is th
  7. Thank you! Yes, I've been trying to figure out what I want to do about a case...more thought and research is required there. Thanks. Understand about life getting in the way....there's a chance that'll happen to me in the coming months but with luck my changes will also result in a better modelling workshop. As for what's next, I'll likely take a bit of a break. But it's funny. If you've followed MSW for any length of time you've probably seen posts where the author refers to having a stash of unbuilt kits. Three years ago when I saw that I thought it was
  8. This is an interesting and timely topic for me, for two reasons. First, photography is one of my other hobbies. Second, I am in the midst of trying to create the final, high(er) quality images for my America build. While doing the build log, I mostly used an ancient point-n-shoot. For the final images I am using my Canon DSLR (5D mk IV). Regarding LED lighting, I have a Luxli Viola II. They certainly are not cheap and it would be hard to justify solely for ship model photography, but if you have other uses I'd recommend them, or the newer Luxli Fiddle. They allow adjusting bo
  9. A few thoughts on the kit I thought now that I am done I would add a few more thoughts on this kit. I enjoyed building it and generally the kit is well done. It is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. Though to be fair, Bluejacket does rate it an "8" on their 9 point difficult scale so that is no surprise. The materials were generally all good quality. In the end I even decided that I liked the britannia metal blocks. The wood was good quality and there was an appropriate amount, though I did replace the deck with some nicer cherry wood instead of the bass wood. I
  10. And so I think I am done. I feel like I sort of hobbled over the finish line. I added the last couple of rigging lines, and a bunch of rope coils both to the deck and hanging from the pins. I was a bit underwhelmed with my rope coiling ability, but it is not the first time I have had that feeling. I then did the nerve wracking switch from my temporary building board to the real, cherry base board. I still need to take one last look at the plans and the instructions to see if there is anything else I forgot that I'd like to add. And maybe look in the box for leftover parts th
  11. I have not seen a build log for this kit before, so will follow along with interest. Looks like you are off to a great start!
  12. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Phil. I appreciate it. I've already referred to your topsail schooner sail plan/rigging thread several times while doing the rigging here. What you say makes sense. Oddly, the one and only thing shown on the plans regarding the vangs is an attachment point on the very aft edge of the deck, which does seem like it would have exactly the issue you mention, interfering with the swing of the boom. Perhaps that is where the hook could be used, to allow it to be detached to give space.
  13. Thanks all for the likes and for looking in. Just a quick update to say that I am still working on the rigging, but making progress. I now have the chainplates and deadeyes attached and have the lanyards threaded through them, though need to tighten them up and seize the ends of the lanyards. After that I just need to decide if/how/where to do the vangs, as they are not really shown on the plans with the kit. Then the rigging will be done and on to the clean up and finishing touches.
  14. Welcome to MSW from a fellow Austinite. That radial engine looks pretty incredible...something tells me you'll do just fine with ship building.
  15. Getting Close I have now made and hung the last sail, the jib. I still have some of the running rigging for the jib to do, plus I need to complete the shrouds. I need to attach the chain plates/lower deadeyes, then bind the deadeyes together. I have the deadeyes attached to the shrouds on the port side but not yet on the starboard side. Then just some finished touches and I'll be done. I am looking forward to completing it and to putting more care and effort into getting some final photographs instead of just the quick snapshots with this crappy old point and shoot.
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