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DeAgostini's HMS Victory Cross-Section -1/72


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Hi All,

Looking to find info on the DeAgostini HMS victory Cross-section kit  1/72(C-S).  I know you can get it in the UK as a subscription but not sure it could be shipped to the US.  Would like to have it all at one time vs. one issue every month.


Does anyone know who made the kit for DeAgostini(A.L., etc)


Does anybody have a copy of the plans they used for they kit(could make it as scratch build) that they are done with using? 


Did anyone order a C-S of the Victory and not build it?


Is this one of the better C-S of the Victory or are their any better ones out there to build?


I like to do cross-section as they take up less space around my house



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I have many times thought about the same thing and never found a practical and reasonable solution.


I am not sure DeAgostini will ship to the USA, but if they did we are talking of more than 30 issues costing each 12-14 Euros. At that rate + shipping, the cross-section will easily cost you more than $400.00.


Another option would be to find a modeler in the UK or Italy who is willing to order these for you and ship them to the USA.


As you can see, nothing really easy for such a nice kit.


It is possible that this cross-section may become one day a kit in itself. However, I suspect that it may take 8 to 10 years before a company decides to distribute it under such form. It seems that this way of distributing kits (on a weekly basis) is a very lucrative business in Europe and I suspect that the rights to certain of the models may last quite a bit.



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i've build the Corel Victory Cross section. That is a very nice model and much, much cheaper than the D'agostini one. I doubt if it's that much better. Edit: the D'agostini that is

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It seams that you can get DeAgostinl's in the USA.


BUT no cross section :(

Pester them for the cross section.

I am building one at this time. Nice kit

There are no plans with the build But the mags show you everything you need.

There is a online build http://forum.model-space.co.uk/default.aspx?g=topics&f=93


Regards Antony.

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Hello Everyone...


http://forum.us.model-space.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=51687post51687      This is the link to the new DeAgostini American web site where they have a chat log.  I am also trying to find out where to buy their Victory cross section kit.  I don't know what good it'll do but I thought someone might be interested.  Jerry



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