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  Check page 9 of the completed kit builds here at MSW for the 1/150 model done by Fortres.... He substantially improved the kit in several aspects--- the basic kit is a little crude. I think you should view it as a starting point for a better model by engaging in a study of the voluminous sources available for this ship. If you're trying to hold down costs, consider Stephen Biesty's "Cross Sections-- Man-Of-War". It's sold as a kids book, but is quite a fascinating and thorough depiction of an "MRI" of the Victory. As has been noted here often, Longridge's "The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships" is the Big Daddy of Victory books, but is pretty costly. I seem to be destined to bitch about the kit-built stem basketry and the stern galleries, even of costly kits. These two areas will require some judicious tweaking to make an accurate model, as will some other features..... BUT, the research to recreate the current look of the ship is close at hand. I'm not sure if it will work properly, but I have bookmarked " Chris Watton's Bucket" which I hope you can google. It's a marvelously detailed bunch of photos of the mighty prototype.

   I'd say if the size turns your crank, go for it and fix what's wrong with the kit---- a near-inevitability with any kit, really.


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Thanks for the info...


Checked out the 1/150 model done by Fortres and it looks well done.

Will have to checkout in more detail later.


Also found Chris Watton's Bucket and will to my already build up of Victory photo files.



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