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  1. is this still an active build? where did you obtain the figurines? hope to see more...
  2. just found your build log. are you still working on the kit?? thanks... San Antonio, TX
  3. Does anyone know when this kit was produced? Has anyone built this kit...? TIA... Gleason
  4. I believe so... Send a note to: Seaways Order Department <orders@seaways.com> to see if they are available... Gleason
  5. FYI: GUNBOAT PHILADELPHIA articles by Kurt Van Dahm Here are the dates for the Philadelphia series: M/J 2014, Part 1 J/A 2014, Part 2 S/O 2014, Part 3 N/D 2014, Part 4 Feb 2015, Part 5 M/J 2015, Part 6 Gleason
  6. Thanks for the info. Let's hope they get replaced since photos are a great aid to the build... Gleason
  7. Look for: Purple Craft Design Portable Organizer Organizer features: [ material omitted ] Dividers that allow you to create up to 46 custom compartments. The organizer measures approximately 15" wide x 3 1/4" tall x 11 5/16" deep. Can be found on Ebay, Google, hobby stores... got mine at Hobby Lobby...
  8. update to cannonball display: cannonball rack placements This is a snippet from an article written by Alfred S. Brownell entitled "A Model of the Brig Niagara" published in Volume 16 (pages 199-210) of the Nautical Research Journal which included a history and several photographs of his model of Niagara. I do not know if the article is still available. Check with the folks at the Nautical Research Journal... Gleason
  9. FYI: after going through my hundreds of Niagara photos, I found the following: Gleason
  10. Hi! Terry This is what I did to finish off the four corners. Used 1/8" angle strip styrene and weathered. Gleason
  11. More build photos. Dry fit of the Kitchen smoke stacks, aft stacks, hog truss posts, mast, smokestacks. Skylight roof was made with 100 Grit sandpaper glued to the roof and painted with Black Acrylic paint Need to add king posts, smokestack caps, chicken coop, forward and aft staircase rails, etc… More to follow…
  12. hi! I really don't have a recipe... I use a 1/2 inch brush and paint in one direction only. [ generally bow to stern ] After the paint has dried, I use a a brush with soft brass bristles and go over the paint VERY lightly with the brush. How much you scrape off is a matter of personal choice. I Inherited the brush from my father who was a jeweler...
  13. Chaperon Sternwheeler Build – as of Sept.14, 2013 Tarpaper roof was made 100 Grit sandpaper glued to the roof and painted with Black Acrylic paint. More to follow...
  14. The "binder clamps" I used are a copy of the clamps as pictured in the model manual. I will use them as long as I can, and then switch to pins. Lettering was hand painted: This is the last post I made of the original build on Mon Sep 17, 2012. The next set of postings will start from where I left off… Stay tuned…J
  15. This is a repost of a kit I originally started on Fri, Nov 26, 2010. Needless to say it has been awhile since I worked on the kit. I managed to find all the old postings/photos previously posted prior to the crash of MSW. I will post some highlights/photos of the ‘old’ build and then continue with ‘new’ rebuild section later Kit is well designed and the instructions in the manual are pretty straight forward which makes the assembly of the model assembly. The lumber is laser-cut, and there is a good supply of photo-etch materials included with the kit. For those interested,
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