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  1. is this still an active build? where did you obtain the figurines? hope to see more...
  2. just found your build log. are you still working on the kit?? thanks... San Antonio, TX
  3. Does anyone know when this kit was produced? Has anyone built this kit...? TIA... Gleason
  4. I believe so... Send a note to: Seaways Order Department <orders@seaways.com> to see if they are available... Gleason
  5. FYI: GUNBOAT PHILADELPHIA articles by Kurt Van Dahm Here are the dates for the Philadelphia series: M/J 2014, Part 1 J/A 2014, Part 2 S/O 2014, Part 3 N/D 2014, Part 4 Feb 2015, Part 5 M/J 2015, Part 6 Gleason
  6. Thanks for the info. Let's hope they get replaced since photos are a great aid to the build... Gleason
  7. Look for: Purple Craft Design Portable Organizer Organizer features: [ material omitted ] Dividers that allow you to create up to 46 custom compartments. The organizer measures approximately 15" wide x 3 1/4" tall x 11 5/16" deep. Can be found on Ebay, Google, hobby stores... got mine at Hobby Lobby...
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