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Varnish application

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I had a look through all the posts in this section but could not find anything on how to apply varnish the best way. I know some brush it on and some spray it on. In between coats do you give the hull a light sand with extra fine sandpaper? Then apply another coat? Just want some advice thanks

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S.Coleman - YES :) if you have the ability to spray it then that works. If you don't, using a brush works just fine. Depending on how many coats you wish to do I would sand lightly between each one. I think you'll be good - if in doubt try it on a test piece.

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Rather than emery-paper, I use steelwool in between coats. Beware, however, of the tiny bits of wire that may be left behind in corners and only show up, when you take photographs. You may want to go over the model with a strong magnet to catch these.



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