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Question about Model Expo's Electric Plank Bender

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Hey ladies and gents,


I have a quick question about my electric plank bender, made by Model Expo.  I bought it new from a local hobby store, everything looks in great condition, no wear and tear, etc.  The first time I plugged it in, however, there was a pretty strong odor of burning plastic, as well as some smoke being emitted from where the base of the metal rod meets the plastic guard on the handle.  I unplugged it immediately, for fear that it would catch fire.


My question: Is it normal that on the first use of an electric plank bender there is an odor of burning plastic and smoke being emitted? If so, does this usually go away after the first few uses, or do you think the plank bender is defective?  I asked in another thread but haven't gotten any concrete answers. 






 - Attached is a picture containing the plank bender, just in case! :)


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