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  1. Bob, One of these days you have to make the trek up to a meeting in Roseland. I know its a haul for you, but I would love to see you and the model in person. Chuck
  2. Those parts really should be redrawn to fix those issues using the plans and laser cut over again. I am pretty sure that the bulkheads would fair if cut from the plans directly, but I must say that it looks impossible after seeing your photos Bob. The outside edges of the bulkheads just look like they are the wrong shape in many instances. My guess is when they were originally traced for laser cutting they were badly done. I am watching your progress but also shaking my head because I cant see how that hull can ever be faired properly without adding at least another 3/32" of meat to many of those top=timbers. Its the only way I can see getting a smooth contour to the hull outboard. And its no guarantee that it will match the plans at that point. Sorry to see that. There needs to be a new corrected "starter package" for this project sold with full sized plans.
  3. Its OK with me....They look pretty good. I used some 320 grit sandpaper folded up to smooth things a bit. I used the fold to get in those nooks and it made a big difference. I got a bit better with each new try as I gained confidence. I am so happy to see someone try and use the carved versions they make rather than the resin castings. It will mean so much more when the model is finished.
  4. I am about half way there with more kits. Getting another wood order late next week because I wasnt happy with the quality of the 1/32" sheets of cedar I have left. There were to many imperfections/graininess for my tastes. Maybe another week to 10 days. We dont churn these out in a sweatshop so they take more time to produce. Quality control and the best materials are super important to me. Chuck
  5. I am not sure if I posted this yet but I want to give everyone a detailed view of the model as it will ultimately appear....hopefully. Here is a link to download sheet one of the plans. I am going to shoot for launching this before it is completed so it is important that you guys see what the Frigate Winchelsea will ultimately look like. This shows the profile and stern view. Dont worry, like all of my plans, this first sheet wont contain any parts so no need to worry about pirating. Download and have a look!!! Because the image has very fine lines so a jpg like posted above is just too light. Click below for full size sheet. Winchelseaplanone.pdf
  6. How goes the progress....looking forward to seeing you build the model. Remember to ask me any questions. Chuck
  7. Take it easy Nic....rest up. When you are back to work you will be able to work twice as hard now!!!!! You are all fixed up.
  8. Enjoy the project!!! Dont hesitate to ask me any questions. The rigging isnt that bad on this one.
  9. I was just checking everyones progress. I noticed there are a bunch of guys who started logs but havent started building yet. Hows it going with those? I checked to see if they were indeed shipped out and they were. I am just trying to keep the momentum going on this build. I look forward to seeing some of you guys start your models. If anyone has any questions please let me know. I am waiting on yet another batch of milled cedar but hope to have more kits available in a couple of weeks. Its never too late to join the group if you are interested. While you wait, check out the other logs and be sure to encourage those already building the model. Thanks Chuck
  10. Nice start...Is it me or is the bulkhead former severely warped and bent? I would also caution on that forward bulkhead. The top timbers dont look like they have nearly enough thickness to fair them properly. Just an observation. I think fairing that hull is going to be a challenge. I see you already added a bunch of strips to fix what looks like mis-shaped bulkheads. Am I correct? We shall see. Chuck
  11. I was just asked where the final chapter of this project was.....sorry guys. I have had this completed for months now and actually thought I posted it. I apologize. Anyway...I have now added it to the download area. Sorry for the delay. I cant believe I didnt upload it.
  12. Added more companies.......remember you can still vote. You can also change your vote. You can pick 3 choices for each question in this poll. Please dont bash the poll. We realize it isnt perfect but the info is still very very valuable. If a brand has high negatives and no positives. I think it is something you might want to know before spending a few hundred dollars. This isnt a complicated poll....its just a snapshot of what you think based on actual experiences.
  13. excellent model!!! You did an incredible job on her. That will be a tough act for anyone to top and should serve as a great guide for others building the kit!!!
  14. Nice Jim...Start making some sawdust already!!!!
  15. Actually if you dont mind the look of an admiralty style model or just a planked hull model, 1:48 is my scale choice. The low but long cases are not an issue to display. Having at least one in your collection is a must in my opinion. The experience of building a larger frigate is something I think everyone should consider at least once. I used to think the same thing actually but now that I have started on one, the build experience is far more enjoyable. I am fortunate to have started a 32 gun frigate in 1:64 many years ago and it is incomplete. But I have just restarted the project in a larger 1"48 scale. The build experience is very different and much more enjoyable when I compare the two. Looking back at the smaller version I wonder why I even attempted building it....it makes for a much more tedious and frustrating experience. Although I know a few people who are building frigates in 1:96 scale. I dont think I would enjoy that building process at all. But yes, displaying it would be easier. If I knew that I was going to spend possibly years building something, I would want to enjoy the process with as little frustration from the small parts as possible. I would rather think about solutions for their eventual display rather than suffer through two years of building something tiny. Maybe thin the heard a bit to make room for the larger model. Also, your skills probably improved over time and culling out your earlier models built to a lesser degree of craftsmanship is something I dont mind doing.
  16. I also just got a wonderful batch of raw cherry lumber. I thought I would show you guys. The Winnie will also be available in cherry. From this very cherry board. Its really nice stuff and some of the best I have bought. Very clear cherry with little to no gum pockets and sap spots. Once I get some of this milled along with a few more boards of cedar I will actually start laser cutting parts for the first two Winnie parts. This way I have a bunch in stock when I am ready to launch.
  17. I forgot I had the pictures from seven years ago of the smaller version in boxwood.....it is freaky looking at them right next to the newer version. I made several small changes in the design and appearance but they look like they could be pictures of the same model even though the wood is completely different.
  18. Case in point about the similarity between Cedar and boxwood. Mike hasnt applied any Wipe on Poly to his Winnie yet. That will be a really good comparison. Hopefully in a Couple of weeks. But to illustrate the color and texture between these two fine woods I can post the images below. The first smaller (3/16" Boxwood) version of Winnie from seven years ago is on the bottom. The Winnie in Cedar clearly has a richer, deeper warm tone. But they are very similar. When mixing some boxwood for the finer details, it blends so well that is is so difficult to tell where the boxwood was used. This helps me exploit the use of boxwood on the thinner more delicate parts of the model without them sticking out like a sore thumb. They will just blend in perfectly.
  19. My longboat is already cedar. The 1/2" scale kit. I have 3 in stock. Some elements are better suited for other woods however. I am certain the ships wheel could be made out of cedar. The same is true for the lantern and a few other things. But having said this, the color difference can barely be noticed. In fact, in many cases you could never tell the difference between box and cedar on the model. If you look at the Medway Longboat, the molding and a few other elements are boxwood rather than cedar. You cant tell and the boxwood is best suited for scraping molding. I plan to use it for such details on this model too. For example....the molding, ships wheel, stern and quarter gallery windows. The beauty of cedar is that it is not so different than boxwood that it cant be mixed on one project without being noticeable in order to take advantage of the best qualities of each of them. The Winnie will have a longboat and a Pinnace. These will be afded and designed much later. They will be very simular ti the two ships boats I made for Confederacy.
  20. grumbacher mars black....thought i would try something new. Works fine and really cant tell any difference from Windsor and Newton I used to use.

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