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San Martin 1580 by VolkerBo - OcCre - Scale 1:90

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Hello to my second wooden ship,


i opted for the "San Martin 1580" by Occre.


The ship

My "Albatross 1840" was a modern sailing ship. In contrast, the "San Martin 1580" is a very archaic sailing vessel. It is an early form of a Galoene but also has similarity to the large carracks of former times. A short Galeon, very high side walls, only 2 square sails on the main mast and very high castles at the bow and stern are reminiscent of older ships.

The bulbous shape is a nice contrast to modern ships.


The kit

I bought the kit for 140, - € by Mail Order.

For this price, the kit is well equipped and clearly arranged. 

The manual is designed color and multilingual. The instructions ares good and also suitable for novice modellers but the instructions for the Albatros (Constructo) was a bit more detailed . (but only a little)

I am very grateful for tip's and help.









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Hi Volker,


I build a few OcCre kits and I'm very pleased how they bring it.

You will see on the way at the build that it comes clear to you.

Not every manual is perfect !

I will follow you and if you have any question, just ask !

If I can not help you, there is always one who can.

Enjoy the build !



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Hi there Volker,


I'm going to follow this log as well. I wish you all the best with your second build and it's nice to see you took it up a nodge with a more complicated ship. Very nice!

My Albatros is not even half way through it's build, but I enjoy every step of it.



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In the beginning was the keel...................  ;)


I think the beginning always makes the most fun.

I make the planks with a pencil darker. The deck planks are in one piece but i interrupt them later with some pressure from a scalpel.


If I have painted the soft planks  with clear coat, they become harder.

Then I can cut them better with a small pliers.


Have a nice weekend!








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Hi Volker,


That's a good start !

For the caulking of the deck planks we are using a Faber Castell PITT artist pen ( Black)

It will not bleed and when you do only the edges, it looks great.

You are doing it with a pencil but I think when you are sanding the planks a little, everything is gone or you don't see it anymore.



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Hello Sjors,

thanks for the tip!


I make the deck planking from one piece and share it later with a scalpel. I paint the edges completely with a pencil, but the weak point is the incomplete partition. -because of the scalpel.

If I spend too much working here with sandpaper, my pencil is gone. :(

....and the pencil is more grey than black 


With the deck planking I'm already too far to change something but with the hull planking I'll try it.

Thank you!

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This was where I was afraid of Volker.

With that pencil ,you have no problems.

The planking for the deck, you can better cut them in pieces and not one plank and later on cut it.

When you cut it before, you can caulk the edges.

There is a planking tutorial on the forum.

Go to the main site and articles.

There you can also see the but of the planks.



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