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  1. First update 🙂 Cut the frames and false keel part. Now sanding the connections away..... Sjors
  2. HMS Snake was launched in 1797 as the only member of her class of brig-sloops. She captured or destroyed two French privateers and one Danish privateer. She also captured numerous small merchantmen, but spent time escorting convoys to and from the West Indies. She was sold in 1816. Scale: 1:64 Length: 910 mm Width: 350 mm Height: 910 mm And now the build begins.
  3. Wow Jason, I thought that the Snake was finished.... But it goes better and better. I have now no regret that I bought the Snake yesterday 😃 I was hoping that i will get it today but i think tommorow. So this build log will be my guide. Thanks my friend. Sjors
  4. Henrik, What you can do is put some sawdust with glue in the wood that is open till it is smooth as the rest. Light sanding the whole bow part and paint it black again! Or glue on both side a small part of wood and paint it . But do that on both sides and nobody will see it. Only the people who follow you 😂 For the rest looks it just great!! Sjors
  5. Nice work Peter. For rigging the canons you can only make the breach rope. That is what I'm doing all the time. It's to small to put blocks on it. Sjors
  6. Doris, Also from Anja and myself our condolences. Again you make a masterpiece and this one for you and your husband. RESPECT! We understand that you have lost the feeling of building but remember that when you are coming back ,we are here for you! Anja & Sjors
  7. Again a little update. I have make the shrouds for the lower mizzen-, main,- and foremast. I also started with the ratlines on the foremast . I have no rope anymore for the ratlines so that has to wait for a few days before I can go on. I ordered new rope and maybe at the end of the week I wil have it. Sjors
  8. Thanks Jason! What is prolific???? And i have to finish the builds otherwise Anja don’t let me buy another one. And most of the builds are gone now. I have no room anymore! I will finish the Nuestre senora del Pilar Then till i can buy the Victory it should be small ones........ Sjors
  9. Okeeeee, Hi George from Greece 😀 Wow, all the filler is sold out in Greece??? Now you have a lot of sanding to do! And don’t forget to remove the nails. You will see that when you paint the hull. And don’t forget to sand around the gunports. The planks are thick enough. Good luck! George from Holland 🤣
  10. @Captain Jack Sparrow, you know that you can buy the San Ildefonso in boxes? I have done the same and maybe i will buy the Montañez the same way. You don’t have to pay the total amount at once. Just box by box when you finished one you can buy the next one. Sjors
  11. First of all....the best wishes for the new year and stay healthy! A small update. Did some rigging at the bowsprit and make the stays and crowfeet. Also make the shrouds at the fore mast. Next thing......ratlines....... Sjors
  12. Still no monday but you are both welcome 😃 And Sam? I was always here, last build was the Flirt. Sjors
  13. Thanks Derek, Glad that you can tell me that i have the flu and not the flew...( i don’t know what that is 😀 Is that something like flying? Sjors
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