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  1. The bulwarks are on it. Next step all 60 sils for the lowest gunports so a next update will take a while. Sjors
  2. Thanks John 😁 Thanks Malcolm, Nice that you enjoy my build😊 If i go to fast, tell me and i will slow down a bit….😛 End of the month the Victory is abandoned for a week….. Sjors
  3. Thanks Bob, But there is a reason for being so fast 🙂 Because of my sickness i can not work and be at home all the time. And because of Covid-19 ,my wife is working at home in the living room. In the morning at 07.00 hour i ‘ll be send to the hobby room till 15.00 hour. I only can leave the room for a cup of coffee and lunch.🤣 And Christmas is still far away…….. Sjors
  4. The fun part of second planking is done. Also the second fun part of sanding is also done. Now it's gonna be time for the bulwarks. Measure, measure, measure But that's for tomorrow.... Sjors
  5. Thanks to Charter 33 ( Graham ) and Mort Stoll I have finished the gun ports. I think it is just fine. Bit more work then i thought but that's no problem. I have painted them and also placed the planking on the inner bulwark and painted it also. How Robert get that so smooth is for me a miracle. And because there is another deck on it you don't see a thing! Sjors
  6. Looking great Robert. I have to remember that knot. Should be no problem because i take a look every day to your log 😀 Sjors
  7. If On 27 september we are crossing the border if Covid 19 allowed us. We go for a few days to Bollendorf, close to Trier. And on thursday the plan is to go to Monchau. We keep in touch. I wanted to see your Victory IRL Sjors
  8. Thanks Heinz, I don’ t mind to do a little demolition. I all ready done that. I have removed several planks on the inner side of the bull wark. But then i thougt….i’m not to proud to ask so i did. It’s weekend and i don’t do any building in the weekend because my wife is also free from work and the we spend money in the city 😛 Monday i will continue to see what i can do. Sjors (You live closer to us then i thought……)
  9. Thank Graham and Mort. @Graham, You make me an happy camper! It is not my mistake 😃 I will look for your log and will see what i have to do. @Mort, I all ready remove a part Also 3 or 4 mm. But still…… Sjors
  10. Hello to all you young ones 🙂 I have a problem ! Maybe I did something wrong but I can not find what. I wanted to putt in the sills. The gun ports are not in line! These are the gun ports just above the deck. De inner bull wark template is placed correct ( I think ) The first picture you can see that the inner bull wark is to high. When I take some material away it looks better. At picture 3 you can see what I mean with that the gun port is to high. But when I place the carriage I see that the wheels are for the half above the gun port. When you take a look ( picture 4) to the inner bull wark you see that it goes upwarts in an angle en not level. I know...strange. Is there any solution? Who can help me with it. I all ready remove all the sills. Sjors
  11. The gallery's are on it. They are more difficult then I thought but they are on now. And I like it how it looks. I also get started the double planking. Just a small part because of the sils. Some are flush and other are a little inside the second planking. The manuel is telling me that I have to go downwards with the second planking but I go upwards. First I will make all the gunport sills and the inner bull wark. When that is finished I will go down. Don't ask me why I do it his way but for me it feels a little better. And I follow Heinz his way of building...... Enough talking. Pictures! Sjors
  12. I will leave them open kevin. It's a shame of all those cannons that I've go. And I just love painting ( and telling fairytails 🙂 ) Sjors
  13. Hi Robert, This is just great and what i’m looking for! Thanks and i don’t mind it at all that you upload such pictures 😄 You have now another fan……my wife 😄 Sjors
  14. Found it! Indeed on the drawing there are 2 more gun ports on both sides at the bow. When i take a look at the book The Anatomy of Nelson’s ships they are closed gun ports. So i think i will do the same. One thing only… are the lids flush with the planking or are they laying on the planking? Maybe someone knows the answer? Sjors
  15. Thanks Kevin and Mort, I will check it and if so i will put 2 more….. Or i can make the suggestion and make close lids? we will see but thanks again! Sjors
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