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  1. You‘re hoping that we can have a marathon next year.... The diameter is 20 mm... Send me a PM Sjors
  2. Hello Peter, I’m happy that you are at home again. I hope that everything is going In the good direction with your health. The build also goes into the right direction...nice! If you need another drill standard, i have one from proxxon. If you want it you can get it. I don’t know if a Dremel fits in it. Let me know. Sjors
  3. Great job what you are showing us! Great help with those block and deadeyes rings. I’m almost there so with your pictures i can manage it. And also with the quad hands....i have mine also😀 Sjors
  4. Those machines are great. I have a lot of benefit of them. All my tools are Proxxon.... Sjors
  5. You are more then right! Stupid me!!!! I think the sun was shining in my eyes. ( o no, it was raining and dark today) Thank for pointing this out . I will change it as soon as i can. It’s a easy fix...... Sjors
  6. Again a little further. Cannons and swivel guns in place. On the cannons I only have make the breach ropes. For me that's enough. Now on to the masts. Also received mine quad hands:-) Sjors
  7. Got it ordered ! I just take a look and i found one....the last one!😄 Thursday i hope that it is at home. Thanks again for letting me know. Sjors
  8. I try it with amazon Holland but they sold out 😢 I just have to take a look everyday till the are Available again. Thanks for thinking with me. Sjors
  9. It looks like a great tool that quad hands. I can not buy it in the Netherlands so i was looking at the USA for it but there not shipping to Europe! I have to find another way to get it. Sjors
  10. Canons are painted and ready for de breach rope. Also make the little furniture for the deck. Gratings...stove and more of that funny stuff. Sjors
  11. I don’t have the plans but it is great to see a Dutch Skûtsje in Hawaii hands 😃 It was about 20 years ago that i was sailing on such Skûtsje called “ Trouw Hulp “ I hope you will get those plans. Sjors
  12. Thanks Jason, For the first time i tapered the planks and i like it 😃 The kit is great but with all the kits there are a few things that will be changed when i will buy another one in the future. But the building is just fun! Sjors
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