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The number, weight, and value of anchors allowed for each ship in the Royal Navy


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good afternoon

Please help in finding information about the  number, weight of anchors, which allowed  for each ship in the Royal  Navy in the late 18th century.
Maybe there's method of calculating the weight of the anchor according to the tonnage of the ship?
I'm interested in the weight of the anchor for the 22gun brig-сutter 342 tons in 1788
Plan showing the measurements for anchors as well as descriptions, diagrams, and dimensions fo rh anchors up to 80 hundredweight in divisions of one cwt. From Tyne & Wear Archives Service, Blandford House Dated: 1794
thank you
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In his book 'The Arming and Fitting of English Ships of War', Brian Lavery quotes a document from the Public records Office (PRO106/2508) which gives anchor sizes and numbers for various classes of ships in 1784.


While your exact ship isn't there, the following are close.


26 gun ship:

4 anchors of 25 cwt

1 of 7 1/2 cwt

1 of 3 1/2 cwt


Sloop of 268 to 300 tons

3 of 20 cwt

1 of 7 cwt

1 of 3 1/2 cwt


Hope this is helpful.



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