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HMS Victory Caldercraft


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HELP! I am about to drill out the locating holes for the dummy gun barrels in the wooden strips provided. I've decided to do this with all the gun port patterns fitted but prior to planking. I have set up the hull so that it is level and fabricated two small wooden blocks that are a snug fit in the the middle and lower gun ports. I have drilled 2mm holes through the centre of these blocks and find that although I have them level they do not appear to line up properly with the dummy barrel gun strips. I am not confident that the dummy gun barrels will end up in the right place ie: correctly positioned within the gun port.


Could someone who has been there advise please.




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I would wait a little yet, at least till the ports are lined.

I made a small jig, - square to fit into the rebate left by the lining being 1mm inside the face.

A drill bush or similiar in the square to try and keep the barrels horizontal to one another.

Bear in mind the changing angle of the tumblehome in relation to the decks


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David and Nick,

Thanks for the advice, I was advised to do this now by Gil Middleton and followed his recommendation, they seem to be ok. I haven't started a build log yet, but will soon.


Nick, I'm coming to Portsmouth in late May to visit the old girl. I assume the masts are still off, is that the case? Pity if it is.


Mike, I think your post was intended for Amfibius, he is asking about the best model.



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