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  1. Hello Srodbro I managed to get a second hand copy of the AOTS book Captain Cooks Endeavour by Karl Heinz Marquadt through EBAY, you may be able to find one there, it has a wealth of info and very detailed rigging plans. Hope this helps.
  2. They are Stun'sl booms. they are swung out from the ships side to allow extra sails called Stunsails to be attached between them and similar booms mounted on the yards above for extra sail area given suitable weather conditions. If you Google Stunsails you will find a good description of their function. Regards Gary (Ensign)
  3. Hello Toms10 Your are correct, the netting should be a light tan colour, mine is white which is ok. I searched for netting material when building the Caldercraft Victory. I finally found it at store selling craft and sewing supplies of all places, you could also try an outdoors store. What I found was mosquito netting. It is perfect and is the correct diamond shape. Best of luck Ensign (Gary)
  4. Hello Rob, Thanks for the prompt reply. I may have to work using the dimensions you have provided as I live in Australia and postage may prove too expensive, alternatively if you check out the cost of postage and let me know perhaps we can work something out. Just a thought. Please let me know your thoughts on this. PS: It's been over 40 degrees Celsius a few days this past week, think I prefer an English summer right now, was pleasant in June last time we were there. Kind regards Gary
  5. Hello Rob, I sent a PM to Shipyard Sid (David) re his Top and Butt planking jig as I have HMS Diana waiting to be built and would like to use this planking method on the deck. David advised me that he had sent the jig to you. I would be happy if you could email me the dimensions so that I can make my own jig. I tried to pm you but apparently you can't receive messages according to the website. My email is garyjean46@bigpond.com If you can help with this it would be much appreciated. Regards Gary (ensign)
  6. Hello Noel, Thank you for your kind offer, however Banyan, who lives in Melbourne has offered to help with info that he has so I shall take him up on his offer. Thanks again Gary
  7. Thanks Noel, I have bookmarked their website, I may contact them and see what they can do. Gary
  8. Thank you Bluenose2 and Druxey. I have Petersson's book, which is some help. I am currently chasing up a local source for Marquandt's Captain Cooks Endeavour, I know someone with a copy and he may be able to provide the info I need. Thanks again Gary
  9. Thank you for the replies gentlemen. Gregory, checked out your reference to 'Historic Ship Models' on Amazon, I may purchase a paperback copy for general reference, very affordable at $7.83. Banyan, never thought of Ebay, I shall try Abe books as well, didn't know about them. The logs will also be a good source. Druxey, I shall also check out 'The Fully Framed Model' Vol. IV. I guess I'm just a bit OCD. Our friend wouldn't know if the rigging was correct or not but I want to get it right, it is after all probably the most important historic vesse
  10. Ensign here, I have recently completed Caldercraft's HMS Victory, log elsewhere in the forum. I have now been approached by a friend to complete a model of the HMS Endeavour, Captain Cook's research vessel when he sailed to Australia. The model is by Artesania Latina and leaves a lot to be desired IMO. I have tried to obtain a copy of the AOTS publication HMS Endeavour only to be informed it is out of print. The problem I am mostly concerned with is the rigging, the AL rigging is not accurate and not well presented. If I could obtain an accurate set of rigging plans the task would be much easi
  11. Thank you B.E., Nils, John Reid and all others who have commented much appreciated. The next challenge awaits. Gary
  12. Hello Klaus, With regard to the acrylic case, it was made to order by a Plastics fabrication company near my home here in Australia. I'm sure there are plenty of these companies in Germany and all over the world. May I suggest contacting another member of this forum in Germany, Heinz746, he may be able to help you in finding one of these companies. If you send him a PM via the forum he may be able to assist. Alternatively look online for Plastic Fabricators in your local area. When I ordered my case I took photos of the finished model and a drawing showing dimensions for the case, be
  13. Hello Klaus, Thank you so much for your information and drawings, you have gone to a lot of trouble and have been extremely generous in providing this data. The people at American River requested an estimate of the time to build this model and how much it might cost. I provided them with an estimate based on kitbashing an existing model kit including mounting it in an Acrylic display case for protection. They tabled my estimate, which I thought was very reasonable ($1300 AUD), at a committee meeting and decided their budget would not extend to building the model at this stage but tha
  14. Hello Mobbsie, I shall follow along with your Pickle build as well, I do have an ulterior motive however. The admiral and I visited Kangaroo Island in South Australia just before Christmas and whilst there we went to an inlet called American River where an American Brig called the Union was based for sealing in 1803. They built a small Topsail Schooner called Independence to enable access to shallower inlets in order to catch seals. This small schooner has the honour of being the first vessel built in South Australia, consequently the folks in American River are now engaged in buil
  15. Hello all, I have a request. On a recent visit to Kangaroo Island South Australia the Admiral and I stopped in at American River, it was here that the Sealing Brig Union, captained by Isaac Pendleton from Stonington Connecticut, wintered in the year of 1803. Whilst they were here they built what is purported to be the first ship built in South Australia. The ship/boat was named Independence. A 45 foot Topsail Schooner of 35 Tons, she was built to allow access to shallower waters to aid in the capture and transport of seal skins. She was lost with all hands in 1805. The people
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