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Spontaneous combustion?

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I have  some small cans of various stains & a can of varnish that all have in very small print a warning that any cloth, brush or even steel wool used in the application of the product could spontaneously combust. Kinda scary! Is this a real concern? Do any of you worry about this? Should you throw out every rag or brush or even as it says steel wool each & every time these products are used? Can such rags be washed or is that not good enough to prevent the possibility? I also wonder if cloth with the product absorbed in it can combust then why doesn't any wood do the same thing?

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Spontaneously Combustion does happen, caused by the breaking down of some material usually started with moisture in the mix, then the heat being generated by that breakdown being contained so it can't escape. Your damp rags or steel wool will be fine if you open them up and let them dry or just to air out so any heat generated is allowed to escape before it causes combustion. Spontaneously Combustion is a real hazard, so always keep  it in mind and make it a habit to take precautions.


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