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  1. Finally got to work on rigging the Jack to the Jackstaff. Got it on. Not positive on just how this is supposed to be tied off but here's what I got. Haven't settled on which direction I'll have it waving, will get the Ensign on and then figure it out. Jesse
  2. I'm amazed you can do it at all. I do understand though. Sometimes building is part of healing or helping you through a sickness. The first year of my treatment for my chronic Lyme disease I had a PICC line inserted into a (vein/artery?) in my arm going right into a chamber in my heart to pump antibiotics straight in. Had it in for 8 months. Spent much of that time in bed. I built my first large wooden ship model during that time. I wanted something to try to do to give me a purpose to live because I was so sick I wanted to go on and die. Somehow I built this whole ship from scratch- no kit- and a single large plan sheet. A lot of it is not accurate but under the circumstances I did the best I could. I don't even remember most of the build at all but It was what got me through that very hard time. Here is a pic below of it. I say be proud of what you are doing knowing your condition right now. It can be wonderful therapy. Jesse
  3. Man, life just does not want me to get this model finished. I've been getting the flags ready to add on the ship. I have been looking at pictures of waving flags and I also fly flags at my house. I've been studying the different ways flags flap and fold as they fly in different wind strengths and forming the flags. Jesse
  4. I admire your determination to keep building with your hands still healing from burns. I hope you aren't in too much pain. Jesse
  5. Got my replacement flags in. They are printed cloth so I have to put glue around the edges so when it is cut out it wont fray. Inspected my ship because months have passed since I really got to spend time on it most every day. I see that it is coated with dust and needs a very thorough cleaning. Also saw a place below the bowsprit that I missed rigging. Jesse
  6. Well I found replacement flags. They will be cloth instead of paper. Thought I'd be able to one from lots of places for a not much money but only found a few places and they were all over seas. With shipping these 2 little flags cost about as much as a full size 3x5 flag! Coming in from England so I'm just waiting..........
  7. Having a problem with the blue color coming off in places where I am trying to fold them.. They are worse than the picture shows. I tried touching up with highlighters and markers but nothing matches the color at all. The more I mess with them the worse it gets. I guess I am going to have to replace them somehow. Any suggestions? Jesse
  8. Life around here has done everything possible to keep me from this build. All I have left is the two flags. I really wanted to make a lifeboat to hang from the back davits but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime in the near future. I made a small cleat by flattening the end of a metal pin. I then filed it down to a very tiny size filing a very sharp point to stick in the staff. Forgot to take pics of this process. Made a very tiny hole with a micro twist drill and pinned it into the bottom of the staff on the bowsprit cap. Dipped the sharp point of the cleat in CA glue before pinning it in. I'm trying to rig up a block and cleat rig for this instead of just tying the (Jack?) flag to the staff. Folded and glued the flags sides together. Getting some folds set in them, I know the shaping will need changing a bit before they are done. Jesse

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