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  1. Wow Dave, I love your attention to fine detail. It sort of boggles my mind! You do some really good research. Jesse
  2. I just found this build log. I have always loved the CSS Alabama and have dreamed of building it some day. I will be following along with this! Jesse
  3. Are those the anchors supplied with the kit? Mine are so badly cast I'm not sure I can even use them. Jesse
  4. Got out the anchors supplied with the kit. They are very pitted, not the same thickness and have spots of missing metal, and this is after some burnishing to see if it was possible to use them. There is no way O can use these.
  5. Thanks guys. Well, it seems all I needed to do was complain about the phone and then it starts working. Added the Spritsail. Rigged the Jib Guys, Spritsail Lifts and Spritsail Braces.
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm trying post another update but my outdated phone is having a lot of trouble sending pictures. I'll keep trying. Jesse
  7. Looking great! I am at about the same stage of rigging as you are.
  8. Thought I was ready for the Spritsail Yard but after examining the plans and my model I see I missed a few lines like the Fore Royal Braces. Did this, added a few more rope coils and did some more dusting. Found that a very soft bristle flat modelers paintbrush works well at dusting the lines, yards and tight places on the deck. Here are some pics. Having a hard time showing all this rigging. The black background shows the running rigging well. Sorry for all the clutter, have plans to move my work area to another room for more space but that wont happen till long after this build. Jesse
  9. Never thought I'd own a copy of this book because it is quite pricey. Someone on ebay sold this to me for $20!!!!!!!! Jesse
  10. Ahh, line in from Chuck. Progress can continue. Here are the latest pictures. It is odd how the camera shows things distorted like the masts looking out of line. Jesse
  11. Got the royal yards on. Will add some pics soon. Noticed for the 3rd or 4th time I see I still don't have enough blocks and .008 running rigging. Order on the way from Syren Ship Model Co. Everything on hold till it gets here. Jesse
  12. Thanks Piet! There is an awful lot of fine dust and sawdust all over the whole thing. Doing some rigging yesterday and noticed how much of it is on deck and around the guns and their tackle. It has caught the sawdust from other mini projects here and there because this is the on;y spot in the house for anything I work on. Going have to get some of those cans of dusting spray or something.
  13. Thank you CDW, Dave and Vivian. Good to hear from you again Vivian Jesse

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