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Kit Reviews in Marine modelling or Model Boats


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After a question asked in another topic about euro model's Ajax I was wondering how many other kits Keith Julier reviewed that did not make one of his books. Does anyone have a list of these? The ones I know of, by him and others, are:


Marine modelling - H.M. Brig Supply -Jotika


Model Boats - Leida - Corel _ Keith Julier

                       Uss Constitution - Aeropiccola - Keith Julier

                       HM Yacht Chatham - Joitika - Terry Small

                       HMS Neptune - Corel - Keith Julier

                       HMS Granado - Jotika - Keith Julier

                       HM Convulsion - Jotika - Ivor Warne

                       Alert - Krick - Chris Watton

                       HMS Cruiser - Jotika - Keith JUlier

                       Ajax - Euro models - Keith Julier

                       Cutty Sark - Art. Latina - John Elliot.

                       HMS Fly - Victory Models - Keith Julier





These are just out of my own collection and I was never one for buying magazines so there must be loads more.


Current Build(s):

  • H.M.S Diana 1794 - Caldercraft 1:64 Scale


Completed Builds:





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I happened to have a rather extensive number of Model Boats issues.  As I am moving to a smaller places, all this litterature has been thrown away.  But the articles by Mr Julier and some others I scanned, and yes, there were quite a few of them.  And I also have his first book.


Here are some of my scans:

Agamemnon, Amati lifeboats, Armed Pinnace, Bellona, Berlin, Bounty, Bounty Jolly Boat, Britannia, Caravela Portuguesa, Clara May, Convulsion, Cruizer, Elbe, Endeavour, Endeavour Yacht, Granado Amati, Granado Jotika, Gunboat William, Hanna, Fly, Holly, Hussard, John Alden Sloop, La Renommée, Lancha Bombardeira, Leida, Mars, Neptune(2), Panart whaling Boat, Portsmouth, Pride of Baltimore, Royal Caroline, Saint-Gilles, San Felipe(2), San Juan Nepomuceno, Unicorn, Victory(2), Viola(2), Yacht Chatham.


And that's only part of his work, which he produced a an impressive rate of about 1 model every 2 months, and yes the quality is excellent.


By the way, I wonder if he's still around.  Does anyone know.


I also have a few reviews by other authors, but please, do not ask me for copies: first these are all very large PDF files, which my internet connection would not accept, and second,  this is copyrighted material anyway.

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