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  1. Thanks for the link, Marcus. I read that there were 2 build logs on Modelbouwforum but could not spot them. Too bad! The discussion why their deck was so small is not conclusive. In my opinion, and I am sure you will have come to a similar conclusion, there must have been a very obvious reason to build such an intricate hull shape. The original merchant ships would, I think, been made as simple as possible to reduce costs. Another possible reason may have been stability at sea, or quite simply, ...to have the chain plates preserved from contact with the quay (kaai). Happy
  2. Actually, a canine advisor, as you can see, is a rather cool companion and is moderately interested in running through your work table, while a cat... I'm not sure. The model as seen on the latest pics, has changed a bit since then (but not enough, alas). First, the upper mast as on the picture, are too thick in my opinion, as they had been made too close to the plan and the kit pieces measures. They were ripped apart, rescraped and I now still have to realign them to the lower masts (not easy!) Then I also did the standing rigging of the lower masts (new blocks for the stays). This w
  3. Marcus, It is visible that your skills are improving fast, and I also think that your new equipment gives you an extra boost. Congratulations. By the way, I wonder how the Kolderstok model will be like. What scale will it be? Probably smaller than your model. Anyway, it will probably be a better model than the 2 existing flute models (Segal's Baleinera Olandesa and Euromodel of Como's Derfflinger) but then again these models cry for improvement, which of course is part of the fun. I think it is time for me to restart my own model, the now named Poolste
  4. So I think the best way to go is to stick with the model, which is quite well detailed by the way. Of course quite a few repairs were made during its life: mast and sails probably were not as per the original. Also the catheads were moved around, with the result that the starboard one is probably in the wrong place. Also, the model does apparently not include any rudder hinges. The much damaged hull surface does show traces of red paint, and watch the rear where there was a painting, probably some religious theme.
  5. I do love the ship you are building here. I personally built decades ago this very ship from a plastic kit by Imai (an easy build by the way). A question: did you make some inquiries about the original model? I f you want some information or pictures of it I will glad publish them here. By the way, I went to Rotterdam a month ago and made some picture of the "original", of which I enclose a pic. This model is in my opinion one if not the most important historic ship model, as with the exception of a few Egyptian antiquities, it is is the oldest REAL scale model, and the only 15t
  6. There have been some awful delays in this building again. I have assembled and glued the mast into their place. Problem with this kit is that the materials and given dimensions do NOT allow a good alignment of the topmasts. Furthermore, the holes for the topmasts are way too large, and the naive builder that I am made as a result, topmasts that were much too thick. I yesterday dismounted the topmasts and carefully scraped a fair amount of wood and, ok this will do for me. I just need to finish the shrouds, then the ratlines, then the stays.
  7. I am now facing the masts and the rigging. As I have decided to add the vertical belaying pins, I luckily will have some spare belaying points in case I decide to add sails. Indeed a problem arises that I had not thought of: this model is supposed to be rigged only without sail. Now on a real ship, most of the blocks needed to manoeuvre the sails would be present on the various spars and on deck: I shall have to buy some extra stock. The masts themselves needed quite a bit of trimming: the kit proposed mast rake was not correct on the fore and main masts. The upper mast also would not ru
  8. I have listened to the linguistic experts about this ship's name, and decided to rename her more correctly (see pics) By the way, Sergal had placed some ovals in the rear deco of the ship. It can hardly be seen but I framed a few portraits in them. These portraits are taken from the famous 17th century Dutch portrait painter Jacob cats (but the quality of these paintings is admittedly difficult to appreciate here. The landscapes are 17th century landscape paintings of the city of Hoorn.
  9. I am currently working on the masts. Not a small job anyway, as I found it difficult to align them properly. And as I am not a dedicated user of sophisticated machinery, I brought all masts to the right shape with a Stanley cutter blade and abrasive paper: and I dare say they look fine, and sufficiently well aligned. But before I glue the 4 masts on the deck, I did some changes and "improvements" to the deck. First I followed the advice of Marcus, and removed one of the water pumps. Then I glued the anchor cables. I had also made 6 winch bars and mounted 3 of them each side, in the only
  10. I find it a little difficult to give you precise answers. I gave the model away to my oldest son who lives in Switzerland while I am confined in Belgium, and this model was built in the 1990's
  11. I find it a little difficult to give you precise answers. I gave the model away to my oldest son who lives in Switzerland while I am confined in Belgium, and this model was built in the 1990's. The rear end was thin indeed, I think on the real model no more than 10 to 15 cm judging by the photos. I remember I paid extra attention to the curved piece of mahogany wood (piece from the kit?). The "lip" you mention was not a problem for me, as I intended to paint the hull anyway. By the way the Baron kit had provided mahogany strips for the second planking, which remained in the box and which
  12. Hi Marcus, still going strong I see. Listen, I tried to locate on 2 Dutch Forums the flute builds you mention. I downloaded the pics from 2 builders from over 6 years ago on Modelbrouwers? And they were a great inspiration for me, both on things to do and problems to avoid. Could you please give me the links to these builds? Thank you in advance, and go on with the good work!
  13. Just read your comment. The Le Baron kit was a production from the 1980's I think. It was a fairly basic model, and if built straight from the box, it would not have pleased me...as a plastic modeller. So I collected a lot of documents, included a couple of ...calendar sheets, showing many details of the ship, and the model is almost entirely based on this. Almost as soon as my model was finished, Artesania produced their kit, which I assume is a leap forward from the Le Baron kit. There is one obvious thing missing on my model (and I think also from the Artesania kit), and that is the sc
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