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  1. Hello Martijn, Thanks for your kind compliments on my model Fine to read that you are still in business with ship building. I of course tried to gather any possible information on flutes and on the Sergal kit built models in particular. I also downloaded plenty of build pictures, and I have to say that your build log was probably the most helpful to me. So thank you for the information, and congratulation for your fine model. Mine is still unfinished: shame on me! I did have some thoughts about the thickness of the upper masts, which I had to unglue and thin down a little. Work has been suspended at this level. I also do not like the whaling boats but am still doubting how to improve them, and if I could (and should) make 2 more of them. And then, if I get so far, I will also want to have a dinghy on deck. And ... I hope to restart work on the model in the coming days (?!)
  2. Strange marketing: a website that announces 2 ghost ships, while another model comes unannounced on the market: not the best way to increase sales, I'd say. Maybe they send their Hermione as an appetizer?! But any new model (not a copy) appearing on the market should be seen as good news!
  3. Strange indeed: the Hermione never appeared on Disar's site. But Artesania Latina does have an improved version of their Hermione kit. I suppose it could be this kit he received !? And I fully agree with you that the Santiago de Compostela by Disar is one of, if not THE most elegant Spanish galleon available in kit: you definitely should already have started your build log!😋
  4. I agree with the shroud thickness: maybe it's the depth of the groove that insufficient, and that is easy enough to remedy. A little problem for me is that this model of stanchions has been seen on so many models, but that's a detail. However they would look much better (on the stern) if they would follow the like of the rest of the parts instead of being perpendicular to the gallery. And again, I see this rather as an easy challenge for the modeler to correct. I have been a lifelong plastic modeler, where weathering is one of the standards of excellency, I guess. In this case, it is obviously excessive, but the way they have managed to antique the models I find quite pleasing. overall, I find these models absolutely beautiful, compare for instance to the bulky Santissima Trinidad, which is almost always represented with gloss finish and shining brass (which for me does not fit to a true model of a real ship, but rather to art woodworking): again a matter of choice. But once again, I agree that this is too much. I really look forward to seeing more pictures of the built ship, and of course, of a build log
  5. About the use of standard items, this may be the case here with at least some of them (the stanchions for example) Also, their shrouds look a bit on the heavy side, but they still look nice. One problem for sure will be the size of the models, but this will be on par with the 3 deckers by Artesania and Occre, I suppose. I also guess Disar models can be bought online at Spanish shops like Guinea Hobbies, for instance...
  6. While looking through the online catalogs of various model makers, I fell upon 2 apparently upcoming new models by this Spanish manufacturer: the 70 gun Glorioso, and the 112 gun Principe de Asturias. There are a few lovely pics on their site of quite a bit weathered or aged examples (which is in my opinion a premiere in a ship manufacturer's site). No prices mentioned. What is also interesting is that apparently they incorporate wooden decorations (also new for European kits!?) Does anyone know more about these kits and their release date? More info on https://www.disarmodel.com/23-nivel-5
  7. Could be...but the logo on the box mentions "Gunze wooden ship model series". Could be that Gunze Sangyo once had the good idea to bring wooden kits on the market (like Imai did). Now the kit features a lot of photo etch parts, which was not common in the time they edited their beautiful Lusitania kit.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of this kit, of which there is a build log on youtube: This is one of a part build. Do not know who the makers are, even if it is Japanese or Chinese. Pretty sure it is not a pirated model. But it looks spectacular, and is of a rarely seen period. Would like to hear your comments. And this part shows the box cover:
  9. Thanks for the link, Marcus. I read that there were 2 build logs on Modelbouwforum but could not spot them. Too bad! The discussion why their deck was so small is not conclusive. In my opinion, and I am sure you will have come to a similar conclusion, there must have been a very obvious reason to build such an intricate hull shape. The original merchant ships would, I think, been made as simple as possible to reduce costs. Another possible reason may have been stability at sea, or quite simply, ...to have the chain plates preserved from contact with the quay (kaai). Happy building. Note: I thought the kit by Kolderstok was going to be the Zeehaen, and that Mr. Hoving was making the drafts. But the draft on the forum page shows a ship without a beak, which the Zeehaen has!
  10. Actually, a canine advisor, as you can see, is a rather cool companion and is moderately interested in running through your work table, while a cat... I'm not sure. The model as seen on the latest pics, has changed a bit since then (but not enough, alas). First, the upper mast as on the picture, are too thick in my opinion, as they had been made too close to the plan and the kit pieces measures. They were ripped apart, rescraped and I now still have to realign them to the lower masts (not easy!) Then I also did the standing rigging of the lower masts (new blocks for the stays). This worked rather well so far. I now have to glus the upper masts, and rig them of course. Then (or in the meantime if it gets too boring!) I will start work on the whaling boats, and possibly on a dinghy to put on deck.
  11. Marcus, It is visible that your skills are improving fast, and I also think that your new equipment gives you an extra boost. Congratulations. By the way, I wonder how the Kolderstok model will be like. What scale will it be? Probably smaller than your model. Anyway, it will probably be a better model than the 2 existing flute models (Segal's Baleinera Olandesa and Euromodel of Como's Derfflinger) but then again these models cry for improvement, which of course is part of the fun. I think it is time for me to restart my own model, the now named Poolsterre! I noticed that it is actually a little more advanced than the latest posted pics. Tot ziens, hoop ik.
  12. So I think the best way to go is to stick with the model, which is quite well detailed by the way. Of course quite a few repairs were made during its life: mast and sails probably were not as per the original. Also the catheads were moved around, with the result that the starboard one is probably in the wrong place. Also, the model does apparently not include any rudder hinges. The much damaged hull surface does show traces of red paint, and watch the rear where there was a painting, probably some religious theme.
  13. I do love the ship you are building here. I personally built decades ago this very ship from a plastic kit by Imai (an easy build by the way). A question: did you make some inquiries about the original model? I f you want some information or pictures of it I will glad publish them here. By the way, I went to Rotterdam a month ago and made some picture of the "original", of which I enclose a pic. This model is in my opinion one if not the most important historic ship model, as with the exception of a few Egyptian antiquities, it is is the oldest REAL scale model, and the only 15th century period model. It has always been THE source of inspiration for the best Santa Maria models, among others. It is to be noted that many authors suspect that the model's proportions are not correct (too short in length) and it seemed to have at the origin have been fitted with 3 masts, then the foremast was removed, and finally it was left with just one mast. I wish you a lot of fun with this build. JP
  14. There have been some awful delays in this building again. I have assembled and glued the mast into their place. Problem with this kit is that the materials and given dimensions do NOT allow a good alignment of the topmasts. Furthermore, the holes for the topmasts are way too large, and the naive builder that I am made as a result, topmasts that were much too thick. I yesterday dismounted the topmasts and carefully scraped a fair amount of wood and, ok this will do for me. I just need to finish the shrouds, then the ratlines, then the stays.
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