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  1. Thank you. This model was built a long time ago. As it was, I think, my first plank on bulkhead build, I followed the instructions and used provided nails to fix the first planking: my first and final attempt to use nails on a hull (that had to be sanded afterwards) other than decorative. By the way, Artesania used to have a larger model of Pen Duick in their catalogue, but this has presumably been reserved for the French market. You would never believe it, but I restarted my building of the Dutch flute, which I had given up some 6 or 7 years ago. Not an easy planking job, as you may be aware, but I managed it and am now finishing the hull (rudder, chain plates, decoration), all items that have been either replaced or deeply modified from the original kit. Good luck with your project(s) Jean-Pierre
  2. Doris, your sculpting talent is so impressive that you could help some manufacturers with sculptures (or their moulds) for their ship offerings. I am thinking for instance at Kolderstock Models from Holland, who provide some excellent and well known models of Dutch ships from the 17th century, but which are a little let down by their sculptures. Once again, their kits are great, but with the "Doris touch" they would be real wonders. OK, just an idea...
  3. Looks much better than your previous attempt. By the way, you may be interested by some pics of my own build of a flute (on this forum: see Dutch Whaler by Jean-Pierre: I tried to add the link, but the program keeps changing the address into an image of said build log) You might be interested by the way I made the short bends at the stern. Anyway, I strongly suggest that you also glue the battens to each other, which hugely reinforces the first planking.
  4. I certainly look forward to your progress, Marcus. Your success in this project will be an outstanding achievement. How did you get the information about Kolderstok preparing a flute ship? Great news indeed! Do you know this gentleman? He surely is filling a gap in the market, and his kits look fantastic, except for the sculptures, for which he himself admits that they can be improved. A great idea for him would be to find an agreement with Doris (see build log Royal Katherine) to either have her make the moulds for his kits, or to allow her to market some aftermarket upgrade kits! Let's dream🙄 You know
  5. I love this build log because of its subject and I hope this build will succeed. I find this type of ship deserves more attention from the community. There used to be 2 kits of ships of this type, one of them was the Derrflinger but the makers recently went out of business. And then there is the Baleinera Olandese by Sergal, which is based, I think, on a model from the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. Now, on the site of ship models from Recklinghausen, there is a series of pics from the Zeehaen, and for sure, she is a beautiful ship, and looks better than the two aforementioned models. Let me hope that one of the Dutch modellers who follow this thread would pass on the idea to Kolderstock models!!! And while I speak of Kolderstock, he really should contact Doris, the builder of the Royal Katherine, and ask her to make the moulds for his models. Personnally, I have been building my interpretation of the Sergal model, based on the paintings of Dutch whalers at work. One of the tricks I used to help follow the intricate curves of the hull was to use narrower planks for the second planking. I made a simple jig to cut the 4mm planks in 2, as the 2mm resulting planks were much easier to bend laterally. I wish you to succeed with this build.
  6. 2 little ideas if I may. I use to improve the look of the blocks simply by simulating the sheaves with a black pencil: easy and very effective. Secondly, you may wish to check the rake of the mainmast. It looks like its 3 parts do not run completely parallel. This can be partly rectified by adjusting the tension of the rigging, but on the long term... ?? Btw, the overall look of your ship is terrific! Congratulation!
  7. Anyway, let's hope they 'll be back soon. I also know that their "main" activity is the radio controlled plastic hull ships, a field where they definitely were market leaders. But there again, there isn't much new to be seen.
  8. I'm afraid you are right. I suspect that they brought out a little too many models in a short period of time, some of which, although beautifully made, were rather uninteresting. It's a pity that HMS Surprise did not make it to the shelves, and now I suppose it's too late. A 74 gun ship would still be selling well though. I think there might be some financial issues and that's too bad. They also ran an inquiry if I remember well, to know if their wood should be replaced with some better quality... and this may have induced some doubts about the quality of their current wood. Anyw
  9. Congratulations. This is a very nice build indeed. A President to be looked at with respect!
  10. What a splendid model! Congratulations to Master Corabel for an excellent kit, and to you for the excellent miniature you made out of it.
  11. Thank you for the extra pics. This is an excellent build of a beautiful ship. Thanks for sharing the pics
  12. Scott, let me wish you ...and your models, a successful move, and a safe settling for your marine treasures .
  13. Excellent result!! And I guess you enjoyed this build. Hope the next project will come soon, as this build was a pleasure to follow.
  14. Beautiful job. I dare say that this is the best president around!!!!

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