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Vasa by Oliver - Billing Boats - 2.0

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and some more pics.

the rudder is dressed in 0.5 x 5 mm thick mahogany strips. that's what i used to dress the hull too after the first planking. the stern is almost finished, just need to mount the gunports and guns. 

the guns themselves were brass, so i painted them with a mix of regular wood glue and a type of black powder i got in a hobby shop.







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the hull is finally finished. i had to order twice to get enough mahogany to cover it all. the second batch (bought from another shop, not very smart) was much lighter than the first, but i put it on anyway, and have a plan on how to get the right color later. it was not until after i had finished the planking that i noticed that the new "mahogany" was suspiciously similar to red paduc. after a quick comparison i could confirm it was the paduc i had received, not mahogany. but it's too late to take it off now, so i'll just have to live with it...


i've started ti put in the little "frame" things (not sure what it's called) after dressing the inside of the railing. i painted it red, and so will the guncarts be.


and of course, it had to happen, the beak broke.. again! (second time now, same place). this time i fixed it with a brass rod for reinforcement.


i also replaced the front part of the railing with regular basswood (it came precut in plywood in the kit) because of the weird bend i would have to make to it to fit. that ment i lost all the little things that were supposed to support the hand rail (no sure that's what it's called). so i have to replace them and i chose square brass rods that i will secure with round brass rods inside that goes into predrilled holes (if that made sense to anyone)... the little wood pieces on the rail are tips of toothpick to keep paint from clogging the holes.








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Hello karleop.

I'm just starting the post again, not the build;-) my last log was lost in the crash... Had a loooong break over the summer, had a lot going on in the garden, plus actually good weather, so had to use my chance and get outside ;-) so now i'm starting both the log and taking up the build again. Working on the gunports now so not much to report quite yet...

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Hi Oliver, good idea to cover the original planks with "mahogany" the color looks nice.  


I am also building the Vasa, but after 2 years of having it in a shelf due that the boat was giving to me by a friend who could not do it and was in terrible condition.  In the meantime I built the Concord Stagecoach and the Albatros plane (Model Airways). Finally I decided to begin with it and the first thing to do was to disarm what he had done and start again. In my log you can see the progress to the moment.


Saludos, Karl

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