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OcCre Palamos vs. Constructo El Pilar


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I seek advice:  I have completed my first plank-on-bulkhead kit (Mamoli Gretel) with some difficulty with the planking.  The end result, though, was pretty good, but I need practice.  Can anyone suggest which manufacturer produces better kits:  Constructo (El Pilar)) vs OcCre (Palamos)?  By better kits, I refer to quality of wood, instructions and illustrations.  Neither model has rigging, so I will be concentrating on planking technique.



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The Occre Palamos has a rather more inticate hull shape than the Pilar.  I Like the Palamos because a few months ago, I saw a very similar fishing boat laying dry in L'Ametla del Mar in Spain.  But if Hemingway is one of your favorite writers (he should be) then go for the Pilar.  I suppose you could have fun detailing the cabin.


Constructo has not got the best reputation for the quality of their wood, and Occre is a fairly young actor on the market.  But the Pilar is one of Constructo's latest models, so both kits should be up to the latest requirements.


But as Norman suggests, Caldercraft, Euromodel, and yes, Model Shipways, you will no doubt be even more happy...


Happy choice, and have fun!



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Jean-Pierre, Norman....thank you for great advice!  As I have only done one plank-on-bulkhead, it is a good idea for me to work on improving my technique with a simpler hull design.  I am learning quickly through reading that each manufacturer has its weaknesses.  I'll try Constructo's El Pilar, knowing I may need to buy extra wood.  And, yes, I will try to detail the cabin. 


Once I go through the kit and instructions, I'll report back on my experience with Constructo.  I did find Mamoli to have great quality wood, but lacking in quality on blocks and some of the plans which were incorrect.  An interesting challenge, though.


Thanks again,


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