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  1. Luckily the Posidrives are very much out of view, the wood finish looks like a weather tinted varnish that has heavily weathered where exposed and less so where sheltered which would give a problem if i were to oil the timber with such like teak or tung oils the oil will not penetrate the oak timbers, removing the varnish will be difficult as i have smashed up my left hand recently Norman
  2. Hi Jan The carriage is a modern replica sometime from 20th Century how can i tell - posi-drive screwheads, the brown colour is either a varnish or a coloured wood stain. The bore is blocked about 30 mm from the muzzle and is about 35 mm diameter. It was sold as a replica but is interesting to me as it makes a change to the stationary steam pumps I have in the garden of which one has a naval background its off a Canadian built minesweeper. Norman
  3. Not been around much in the last years due to workload but now I have retired I looking to get back into the hobby. Picked up this model today, its a naval style carriage with a larger non ferrous metal barrel, I was told it wasn't brass/bronze but I am happy with it as a garden ornament, its too big for the house. The barrel looks to be a model field gun type , no markings seen so far. So the question is what colour should I paint the carriage for weather protection red or yellow ochre? I think its approx 1:4 scale. Norman
  4. I think the museum is still free until you add in the observatory and Cutty Sark then you pay. There is no way I would pay in its current fashion - Wooden Walls display removed from view, one of the greatest model period model displays I have seen. Not been there for a couple of years but I wouldnt be supprised if the George V model has been moved out. https://www.rmg.co.uk/plan-your-visit/tickets-prices Norman
  5. I totally agree with you shipman on the collections being removed from public view a sad moment for all, so much so I dont think I have visited these two establishments since. NMM biggest crowd puller is now the map on the floor for kids to run around on, its very popular brings in the families but does it meet the brief of the museum? I am not convinced but in a way it does demonstrate navigation. I honestly thnk its so shortsighted by these so called museum professionals but at the end of the day it does bring in the punters. Norman
  6. I put a small brass pin into the yard to fasten the yard to the mast as a blind fixing , then the rigging, its hidden and holds everything in place very easily. Norman
  7. I've always used a matt varnish that's white spirit based enamel - Humbrol in the UK in a small small tin, covers well and seals the wood, no sheen or shine. Silk finish makes the wood look a like its wet and a gloss is far to shiny. Norman
  8. Its a good kit and with effort will produce a fine model - I completed mine approx 4 years ago. Norman
  9. Revell make a colour called "Tar Black" that's looks great on the ironwork of a model. Its acrylic and easy to use. Norman
  10. I shape mine purely by hand and eye, marking the end grain with a black dot the size/diameter I wish the yard needs to finish up. Then I mark the position from where the taper starts. Using a good small hand file I file to the end from the start mark carefully rotating the yard on the edge of my work bench until the correct profile is obtained. I have used this technique on all 3 of my models to date now never fails. Just to finish I twist the yard in some fine abrasive to give a good finish that's about 30 in total. No machines used or needed. Norman
  11. Yes - very likely Stars and Stripes Found this as well - a very similar composition! Norman
  12. Where Jud? Yes I see a shadow below the house flag! Norman
  13. Theres nothing on the back of the canvas Don, I have already looked, no backing there. Norman
  14. Matle I think you are right based on the flag http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us~hfgr.html colours match perfectly on the flag but still cant explain the Red Duster. This looks very familar http://finishingtouchgallery.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Flying-Cloud-Yankee-Clipper-1851-1874-350x250.jpg Norman
  15. Unlikely to be American due to her flying the Red Duster, its not a courtesy flag no Stars and Stripes visible. I did try and look up the main mast flag but theres likely 100's of companies on the link I found and no easy way to look at each other than one at a time. Norman
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