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What kind of needle nose?

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I'm very new to this forum and this hobby. I'm building a 1/400 model of BB-63 and was totally unprepared for dealing with the number of tiny parts. I've already lost two little vent pipes that flipped out of my surgical tweezers. What kind of needle nose tweezers are best for gripping these things? I have surgical clamps, but they crush the pieces out of shape. I have surgical tweezers, but they lose their grip and the parts fly off to Neverland. There must be a solution.


Thanks in advance for any tips!!



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How about a small dowel, one end reshaped so there is a small flat surface then treated with some adhesive that drys to a consistency of the sticky side of tape. Use it to pick up those tiny pieces and to place them where they were intended to be. Could use another similar but untreated dowel, or maybe a dental tool,  to release the part once correctly placed. Would need to do some research and testing to find out what adhesive would work best.


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I honestly don't think the dowel idea would work. I've already had a couple of close calls with sticky tape to hold little parts in place until I needed them.


The clamps resemble what I have and I guess would not crush the parts, but those covers would likely be larger than some of the pieces. We're talking under 1/2 inch here. Several are about 1/4 or less. Those are the ones making me crazy.


I'll fool around with a dowel and adhesive to see if I can manage anything with it.


Thanks, both!

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