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  1. Hi ,very nice neat workmanship , could let me know were you purchased the figures ,thanks , Edwin
  2. Outstanding, you are truely a master builder , many thanks for passing on your skills .Edwin
  3. Thanks to management you are appreciated, I to will have a beer and toast for another good year with MSW.
  4. hello Adrieke ,wishing you a good xmas and the best for 2018 ,edwin

  5. Hi. Denis.still no computer hopefully soon.Edwin.

  6. Hello Mark,i'm playing catchup as my computer was at the menders ,you are surely doing a masterly job,brilliant workmanship .Edwin
  7. Hello all , computer been at the menders ,will catch up as soon as I am able . your progress looks amazing,Edwin
  8. Hello Michael , beautiful workmanship on the sails ,truly becomes a masterful build ,Edwin
  9. Hello Hennie, yes you got the spelling right for the 4 day march ,had blisters on top of more blisters ha ,but loved your country , good idea ref using the dart for the decking holes ,have several sets from my youth ,keep smiling ,Edwin
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