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When do I apply finish to the parts? (Moved and retitled by moderator)

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Hello Everyone,

I just have a quick question about applying finish to a project.  I am going to use a marine spar varnish for my coating, but I do not know when to apply it to the parts...should i coat all the parts before gluing together, or should i gule together the parts and then apply the finish?  Or should i assemble the entire boat and then put the finish on last?  I feel like if I put the entire thing together and then put the finish on it would be dificult to sand and appy the next coat.  To me the easiest thing would be finishing all the parts while they are flat and easily sandable but I'm just not sure. HELP!!! lol



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I'm afraid there's no real answer to your question except, "When convenient".


It's often easier to finish before assembly while you can still get at bits easily, but some parts won't be able to be finished until they're on the modfel.  Just try and think ahead and do the finishing when it's easiest for you to do, but remember - don't put finish on anything that has to be glued, or you'll be simply gluing to the finish, not to the wood.



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I apply finish to parts when:


1. I have no more things to glue onto it and no more paint to apply,

2. I will lose access to the part (e.g. when I have to glue a deck on top of it).


Sometimes I break rule (1) if I have to attach something which will be stained by finish, e.g. coiled rope on a deck. In that case, I finish the deck first before attaching the rope.

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