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Constructo Halifax - Anybody built one?


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Hey all,


I have recently almost completed my first build, an AL Bluenose II.  This being my first ship model but having experience in both modelling and woodworking, it was relatively simple less the rigging and sails.  My next prospective build is looking to be a Constructo Halifax and I was wondering if anybody has had the fortune - good or bad - to have constructed this particular ship regardless of manufacturer. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Completed builds: AL Bluenose II 1:75  Gallery
                              Amati Hannah SIB 1:300  Gallery
Current Build: Bluenose II - SIB - unknown scale

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Hello cwboland,

I am currently making the Mamoli Halifax.

The hull is already done and I am preparing the rigging and masts.

In my opinion is not a difficult model.

The Mamoli drawings appears to me rather good and clear.

I don't know Constructo as a manufacturer, so I can only compare some design difference in the two models.


You probably know that the schooner Halifax is rather well knew, as original drawings are available in an UK museum, see:



By comparision, I think each model appears to have some hystorical errors:


The constructo Halifax:

-Wrong cabin design;

-Wrong windlass position, which generate absence of enough space for the tender boat (which is present in the Mamoli one);

-"suspect" presence of many belaying-pins;


The Mamoli Halifax:

-wrong figurehead;

-too small windows in the stern.



Then you must compare the quality of the materials.

The Mamoli wood quality is not so high, but I don't know the Constructo one.


But consider the above ones as my personal opinions and I hope that my nautical english terms are corrects.


In the forum are present other modelbuilders that can surely provide you more informations regarding Constructo models.





    Done:          Venetian Polacre http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/7290-venetian-polacre-by-cristiano-sec-xviii-from-original-drawings/

                              Halifax  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/gallery/album/844-halifax/

                              Ranger  https://modelshipworld.com/gallery/album/2175-ranger-revenue-cutter-by-corel/   

                              HM Bark Endeavour (Corel kit heavily kitbashed) : http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/gallery/album/125-hmbark-endeavour-corel-kit-bashed/                                              


                             Venetian Galleon (from scratch) - Pirate Junk - Sicilian Speronara (from scratch)

On the shelf (still packed):     Artesania Le Hussard....

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Thank you Cristiano for your insights.


Does anybody have any other information wrt the Constructo kits in general - ie quality of materials, support, etc.?


Thank you again,



Completed builds: AL Bluenose II 1:75  Gallery
                              Amati Hannah SIB 1:300  Gallery
Current Build: Bluenose II - SIB - unknown scale

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