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proxxon lathe

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The price is good for the UK. This may be from one of the German firms that advertise on Amazon uk.


From Germany direct it's €114, or about £96 without P&P -- which is normally about £10 to the UK and arrives within two days by courier.


Have a look at SAT Berlin http://www.satberlin.de/en/PROXXON-machines/Table-top-tools/PROXXON-MICRO-woodturning-lathe-DB-250-NO-27020.


If you check the Amazon site and it is from a German firm, then you'll end up with a European 2-pin plug either way.


There's a few of us who've been using the German firms for Proxxon as the costs are so much lower and the service has been excellent to date.


I've been using this lathe and like it very much. It's worth getting the 4-jaw chuck if you're going to be making stuff from square stock.



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Yes, there's no problem with the 2-pin. I just mentioned it so you would be clear about it.


Enjoy the lathe!



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I agree with all that Tony has said. Buy Proxxon from Germany every time.



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