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I prefer to plank the false deck when it's in place, although I believe some opt to plank it beforehand.


You have to remember that the false deck will take up the camber of the beams underneath when fixed, both fore and aft and athwartships, and this can be quite noticeable on some ships – ie. when fixed, it will not normally be the dead flat it was straight from the box. I think if you glue the planks before you fix the under deck, plus adding the caulking between them, you might get some of them opening up later along the seams due to stress.


There are also other considerations, such as the joggling of the outer planks into the margin plank (around the deck edge), hatches. etc. It may look easier to plank off the model, but I'm not sure that it is.  ;)   

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Hello latestarter. When possible, I prefer to plank off the ship. To me it actually is easier.

In my personal opinion it depends on the kit you are building. In some you can plank off the ship, in some is not practical.That's why I said "when possible".


As with everything, try all methods and choose what works for you.  B)


Also, you might want to take a look at some articles here.




Best regards.

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I am doing off the ship but the reasons are a little different. It is the main deck and I messed up the bulkheads so would not get the lay required. I am using a sheet of 1/64 birch ply as the base. Once finished I will see how it looks. I could have tried to repair the lay of the bulkheads but that would probably be the next step if this doesn't help.



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