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I am considering a 1:48 version of Chuck P's Syren.


For the bulwarks I will be using plywood. Online, I have found Birch Plywood described as "... Baltic Birch plywood is constructed entirely of solid birch plies of equal thickness. There are no softwood plies in the middle, and the plies are generally thinner and more numerous than those in normal plywood. The result is in an extremely stable, strong and attractive panel."


Would this be a good ply for the framework? Is it overkill or less than recommended?


The 1:48 is 1/3 larger than the 1:64. Does the framework need to be 1/3 thicker, or would another thickness be better?


Thanks for the help.



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Thanks Chuck,

If I can get all this to make sense it will be an interesting project... a real skill builder for me. Part of this will be trying to cut my own planks from sheets. I already have sheets of 1/8 and 1/6th wood but suspect I may have to get some different sizes for the 1:48. I am posting a new topic in Wood Discussions to get some idea of the full size planks that would have been used on the Syren in order to calculate the size required for the 1:48.



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As I look back at my last post above(1/8, 1/16, etc), it occurs to me that I am asking the wrong question.


I am trying to figure the full(actual) size of hull and deck planks used for the Syren or ships of a similar period and country are?


In researching, I find different sizes quoted and also most of the information offered is for European ships. I understood that the size of planking in European ships became smaller over time as a result of harvesting the forests but am not sure if American ships had the same problem, or even similar size trees.


Thanks all,


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