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1868 Phantom Pilot Boat by JeffinHouston - Model Shipways - First Build!

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Couldn't resist...poked around in the box today. Completed the inventory, and I think I'm missing the eyebolts. Don't I remember another poster suggesting some crappie hooks having smaller eyes and being more true to scale for the Phantom? Other option is to just call ME and ask for them to send.


Spent a few hours this afternoon filing/cleaning the metal pieces. Its not in the practicum, of course, but daggone it, its SAFE. I know I'm not going to get it perfect, but I want to. After the new carpet goes in this weekend, I'll be able to set up a more permanent work area, and get down to the real work. This brings up a question...if you only had 30 minutes or so to spend on a kit, what would you do? It seems best to work on a certain part until its complete, but some parts of the build will take (me) hours. Round off the deadeyes? Cut copper plates? Build the launchways?

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Welcome, Jeff!  The Phantom looks like a fun build, with plenty of smaller tasks you can devote a half hour to at a time, whether it is sanding a part of the hull (always there when you come back) or building a deck feature.  As Patrick pointed out, the goal is to have fun - it's a hobby!

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Welcome aboard Jeff.


Like yourself I am new to this forum and it's my first try at model ship building.  For my first attempt I also chose the 'Phantom' kit.  Hope you enjoy it as I do.  Good luck



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Spent the afternoon sanding and shaping the hull. Took a little too much from the stern, since you can see light under the template. Hopefully Ican display this finished project rather than just learn from it. Tomorrow, I'll start the carving process. Any suggestions or assistance before I begin?



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