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  1. Tom, I really appreciate your looking at this aged topic and your generous compliment! I don't cover my ships or encase them in glass. After several years though, things start to droop or look too taught depending on the weather and humidity. My poor Niagara has some slightly dropping stays at this time, I'm sad to say. One of these days I will take her down and rework her rigging. Unfortunately, in my current home, encasing her in glass just isn't an option since she would be taking on the aspect of a piece of furniture as opposed to being a shelf-sitter like my plastic airplanes
  2. Hi Tom, Your finished product looks fantastic! I'm glad that you shared with us a subject that is not seen too often in modeling forums. Looking forward to seeing your next project.
  3. @Brian, thanks for the compliment! I do like to maintain work on several items at a time. I've been collecting aftermarket pieces for some time for the 1/32 Tamiya F-4J to make a VF-84 Jolly Rogers bird. @John, thanks for looking in and the compliment! I'm positive I'm not doing anything new, but am enjoying the process and sharing it.
  4. Hi joep4567 (Joe?) and Michael! Thanks for looking in and the compliments! Patrick
  5. Great looking engines! I might be "borrowing" some ideas. Patrick
  6. Hi Eric, Thanks for the compliment! As a matter of fact, I am going for a clean look. When it gets dusty, it makes it easier to know what stays and what has to be brushed off. 🤣 Thanks, Patrick
  7. Hello to all! I hope everybody is staying safe and enjoying the remaining days of summer. I want to thank everybody for taking the time to look in, comment, and/or hit the like button. I finished painting the hull and my boiler and present the following pictures. I coated the boiler in primer to give the black paint better adherence and then used Tamiya weathering powders to provide a tiny bit of highlight to the rivets and seams and finally clear coated the whole thing. The hull has many coats of primer. I lost count after five. So as not to have such a stark white co
  8. Hi Tom, Your Niagara is looking great and you've done an outstanding job with her "teeth". I completely respect your position on the pins and was only asking out of curiosity. I look forward to seeing more of your work! Thanks, Patrick
  9. Eric and Brian, I really appreciate the positive reinforcement! Thanks for hanging in with me despite the snail's pace with this kit. Thanks, Patrick
  10. Hi John, I appreciate your feedback! The glue dots were done using a piece of Tamiya tape with little tick marks and in some places done by eye after a glass (or two) of bourbon to steady my hand. Thanks, Patrick
  11. Good morning Model Ship World! Thanks to all for looking in and for the likes! Brian, one of these days I will be getting back to my Constitution by Model Shipways, but after finishing Niagara, it was just too much ship! I definitely appreciate your compliment. Getting to the build and what I've been doing... I've been priming, sanding, filling in spots, sanding, priming again, filling fewer spots, sanding, priming again... I think you all get the general idea. I should have pics of a finished hull soon after a little more work. Needless to say, the filling
  12. Hi Tom, Your build has been outstanding so far! I'm tagging along to see this to the end. I may have missed it in your build log, but are you planning on blackening the belaying pins or are you keeping them brass?
  13. Hi Ron, Looking through your build log brings back fond memories of putting my Niagara together. You've done a fantastic job so far. I'm anxious to see more!
  14. Hello All, Wow! It's been over two weeks since I last posted on here. First things first; thanks to all for the likes, views, and comments. I'm glad to have you aboard on my build log, Brian! I've been checking your build log out along with others. The planking on this kit is definitely easier than a typical, sea-faring, sailing vessel so I chose not to take pictures or comment on my planking progress. The only semi-challenging aspects of it were applying chamfers to plank edges and side-bending the planks for a better planking job that I've had in any of my past builds
  15. Hi Brian, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't looked in on this build previously. Great work and an outstanding build! If I get to half as decent as your Chaperon, I will consider myself lucky. I've seen some discussion regarding the main desk being painted red. Did you keep yours natural out of preference or because the instructions don't mention painting it? Thank you!
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