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Riva Aquarama Kit

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The first planking for this model shows nails being used. The kit includes a bag of nails. 

My only other experience planking was with a Dumas model Chris Craft. No nails were used in the first planking it was all glued.  

The pictures of the Riva under construction show nails that are partially driven in and then bent over. Is the second planking glued over the top of the bent nails? Are the nails used to hold the first planking in place so they can then be glued? Are the nails removed after the planks are glued?

I need help.

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Hello Tomhard, while I can't be specific for the Riva kit which I don't know, generally speaking the first layer of planking is always GLUED to the bulkheads, while the second is surely glued to the first; the best glue is always white/yellow (PVA) glue. Therefore the nails are only used to keep the plank in place until the glue sets up, after which they are surely removed. Otherwise, you will have trouble sanding the hull between the nails firstly, not even to mention gluing the second layer over the first.


Of course it is just your decision to use or not to use the nails. For instance in my builds I don't use nails to keep the planks in place until the glue sets, yet sometimes I find useful to use some sewing pins. I have also seen some people here using several other techniques like rubber bands (which are good for plastic models, yet sometimes don't have enough strength for wooden kits). Then you can also use some specially designed devices, which are basically divided into two main categories: Some look like heavy clamps which clamp on the bulkhead...  but these are mostly useful for the first layer of planks. Other look a bit like a sturdy pushpin with a plastic tongue to keep the plank in place, which is of course only pushed into the thickness of the bulkhead, not in the first layer of planks. 


If you do a quick search on this forum you will find much more information on how to do the planking! Hope this helps...

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I always use 5 minute 2 part epoxy and glue everything with it. I find that the epoxy glue holds up forever and is easily sanded and reworked if necessary. I hold my planks on using metal push pins and T pins. Also on my finish mahogany planking on the sides and decks I lay out the frame locations over the finish planking with tape as a straight edge and I then use a Biopsy needle and score the planking to simulate bung plugs , then when I stain the Mahogany the stain settles into the bung plug scoring and when wiped off the whole model looks like it was screwed and bung plugged once it is Varnished.

I hope this helps.

Bill Young

Gainesville Georgia

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