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  1. This is a really nice looking model. As you mentioned in an earlier post, the paint job really does look quite realistic for this particular model. With the Vendee Globe in full swing, I wonder if there's a run on this kit at Bluejacket?
  2. Hi Gaetan, The word I would choose would be "meditative". There's nothing quite as meditative as working on a wood ship kit. I am in the middle of building a stagecoach and I am more than tired of it. I want to get back to finishing a wood ship kit I had started.
  3. Yup, I have several on the way at the beginning of November. Also Victories, Dianas, and a bunch of the smaller kits.
  4. Do you need to put black base under the chrome? I remember that was how I got a good finish with those old Alclad II paints.
  5. There's a cool L&P engine in that grey box at the top and the OZ wheels are a nice transkit for F40 builders. Obviously, I am getting some interest on the Pocher kits at the bottom. With the number of people spending more time indoors, there has been quite an uptick in interest on these larger kits. A Note on Pocher kit prices: I have been selling Pocher kits since 1996 and I probably have sold 3,000 or more of these kits since that time. I am pretty sure I have seen every single iteration of every one of the Pocher kits in that time. Prices for the
  6. I just picked up this collection of models that a long-time friend has asked me to sell for him. There are no ships in the collection so I have no problem if the moderators of this site would like to remove the post. The only thing is that I see some interesting modelling posts for things other than ships on this site so I thought this might be appropriate. Please send me a PM if you are interested in any of these models. Please note that they are in various states of quality; some are wonderful and some are of little value. There may be some amazing deals here for th
  7. Lucky you are in Australia if you want to paint at this time of year. When I was building these models (and I still have about ten in my "personal stash"), I never painted between May 15th and October 1st. Just for kicks, it was about eighty-five degrees here yesterday with 95% humidity. Nothing dries. In fact, things get wetter as the day progresses! Avoid painting in humid weather. By the time you figure out what goes wrong, the season changes and then you go, "What the hell was that all about?"
  8. Nice work on the wheels. If I may just add something to ease the assembly for the next one (because, once you've built one Pocher, you will build many more). I have built well over a hundred of these wheels so I have a bit of experience. The best solution for installing the tyres is to put a hair-dryer in a vice at the edge of your table and work in the heated blast, at maximum heat. Leave a pile of tyres outside the flow so you can feel how the one in the flow is softening up in comparison. Hold it as near the heat as possible. When you feel your hands are getting too hot, just
  9. Gaetan, Thanks for posting this. I was missing my fix of inspiration! Best Regards, Rick
  10. If you have any questions about these kits, I can also help you out. I've bought and sold many hundreds of Pocher kits over the years, thousands if I include engine kits. As the prices are slowly going down on these kits, I do not carry inventory but I can certainly have a look at a deal you might be seeing and let you know if it's worth the money. Paul is doing a great job and continuing to stay with the brand while I have moved to other endeavours. The only Pochers I sell regularly are the new ones that the company is producing. You might also check with Peter Doney
  11. I really like what I see when I look at the Delftship tutorials and forums. The world of Solidworks is much bigger and, when you pay for the support, the cavalry is at your fingertips in minutes. However, the library of hulls to start designing with is most interesting in Delftship. The program is definitely on my "gotta have" list for 2021. It sure would be nice to take a course through Delft University, as well.
  12. Bruce, I'm not sure how Delftship works but you hint at something when you say "...both the model and the background image are displayed together...." In Solidworks, you insert the background pictures on different planes so you can fiddle with the sketches (the models) and the images separately. When you insert the image in Delftship, I would think you should be inserting in a place that is not connected to the model. It should be in a separate space, behind or in front of the model. They should be independent. I've checked the Delftship forums and they are pretty goo
  13. Yes, I have built nineteen of these models so I know my way around them a little. What I keep telling people is "if two parts fit from the first shot, you did it wrong". So, what I mean by poor kits is that nothing fits. Indeed, they make spectacular models when done right but it's important for first-time builders to realize these are not your typical plastic models. So this is what I meant by poor kits. Not poor so much overall but poor fit. As for those wheels, I must have done 200 of them for various people. Just last summer I built about twenty of them for a single client, wh
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