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  1. You are doing an amazing job with this model! It will be quite a piece when it's finished. Well done, and thank you for sharing this work.
  2. Thank you all for your thoughts on my friend's passing. And now I have some time to write what I really think of the positive future of our industry: Anyone who has seen my website will see that there is a page that I call "The Virtual Factory". I have been touting this concept for at least twenty years, ever since I built my first website in 1996. In this concept, success will be found in creating unique products and services that will plug into a greater whole. Of course there is room for kits but it is clear that more and more people are spending time
  3. Thank you, all. I am sure you've all had great difficulties this past year and I am being selfish in making a fuss. I do thank you for your thoughts.
  4. The second of my two best friends passed away this morning. Perhaps that is why I lashed out for no good reason. Somehow, it's always easier to lash out at friends. My apologies.
  5. This is excellent work! The solution I use in Solidworks is to reduce the frames by the offset amount of the planking that the builder is going to use. In the end, the surface is not useful if you are doing a design in order to create laser-cut frames so there is no need to make the thickening function properly in the first place.
  6. Can't believe there are two of these in Whitehorse! This must be the highest density of Agamemnon models in the world! Well done!
  7. Absolutely fantastic model! A really enjoyable build. I built mine the way it had been when it flew over Toronto, in 1911. The float was great fun to build but I ended up throwing it out as it was not used on that flight. I gave it to a museum in Toronto in 2011, on the 100th anniversary of that flight. I have pictures, if people are interested, but I don't want to interrupt this excellent thread of a review of the kit.
  8. Gentlemen, in defence of the company, I buy a lot of kits from Jotika/Caldercraft. They are a great company and their kits are, in my opinion, a great value. It's a small company and can barely keep up with the demand for their current line-up of kits and other products. The weakness of the UK pound is giving them great leverage these days and they are shipping as fast as they can. Compounding the production pressures, issues with Brexit are adding a level of complexity and administrative effort. All this means they are very busy with the kits they already produce. There is enough
  9. As I was cleaning up some closet space, I found this interesting little model. As I have absolutely no intention of building this, I am putting it up for sale basically for the price of shipping. I would like to get $35 CDN to ship it anywhere in Canada or $40 USD to ship it anywhere in the US. Of course if you are local, I'll take a couple of bucks if you want to drop by and pick it up. It is not going to go on eBay or anything like that. I will hold onto it for a week or so and then the poor little thing will go in the recycling bin.
  10. For a second there, I thought I had drifted off to a page from Yachtworld, or something, and I was looking at one of my usual searches, "Bristol Cutters for Sale"...and then I saw the end of the pencil.... Really wonderful work. Thank you for sharing. Best Regards, Rick
  11. Drawing in CAD is absolutely amazing! I stumbled upon Solidworks in 2012, when a client I was working for as a consultant installed the software on my computer so I could help him improve the manufacturability of some of his parts and assemblies. It was quite a revelation. I took some preliminary courses in the subject and then I quit my consulting work completely in 2015 and enrolled in a Community College to get a diploma in CAD. Here was a 55 year-old engineer with a degree from McGill going back to school to get a technical diploma. It was wonderful. I now have a
  12. Ahh, I see. I have worked with museums in the past but only on a donation basis. I have never sold anything to a museum (except display cases, of course). Best Regards, Rick
  13. And you are saying that no museum in Quebec is interested in your work????
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