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"British Royal Yachts: a complete illustrated history"

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Just got my copy from Amazon.


Large format 10.5" BY 10.5" 

340 pages

Lots of big really clear pic's some in full color

A number of original draughts .I like the fact that the author has not gone the route of using redrawn plans.


I ordered a "used like new" copy and it was less than $30 including shipping. Dirt cheap compared to the price of some books.


This book covers all of the English royal yachts from the Stuarts through today. It's well organized and clearly written. The volume makes it possible for me to untangle the 19 different yachts named "Mary" .


And best of all (one of my pet peeves) they have arranged the pages so that the pictures and the plans don't attempt to straddle the gutter in the center of the pages. You can actually see the whole thing.


The pictures and the plans are so well done that it made me want to sit down and start work on a yacht right now


This one is a keeper and I highly recommend it.

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