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  1. Worked on the rudder and created 6 gudgeons and pintels from brass bars which were 1/64" thick and 3/32" wide. The top 3 were sanded lightly and painted with matt black oil paint. The bottom 3 and the bottom part of the hull will be painted dirty white. Started working on the different decks. Lots of measuring. Yesterday it was in the upper 40's so I put the bandsaw outside and cut 3 inch cedar planks down to an inch thick each. Made 2 birdhouses. They will probably be occupied by the many wr
  2. I also read in an article about the architecture of the ship that the high walls of the hull made it more difficult to illegally board the ship. The crew was much better protected. Marcus
  3. Jean-Pierre, I will check which Fluit, Kolderstok will make a kit from. Stability, probably. Big round hips for lots of cargo. Marcus
  4. Jean-Pierre, Here is the link. Big discussion on the reason why the Fluit was built the way she was built. As so many sources say that her narrow deck was so a Fluit payed less toll. Totally Wrong. https://www.modelbouwforum.nl/threads/17e-eeuwse-fluyt-kolderstok.274136/ Marcus
  5. Thank you so much for the compliment. Kolderstok is in the process of creating a Fluit. It is the same one as I am building here. Marcus
  6. After cutting off excess wood on the little deck and sanding the area, I installed the knees and lastly the grating floor. Marcus
  7. Thanks for all the likes and Steven, thanks for the compliment. Speak of ripping stuff off, after installing all the cheeks I noticed I had forgotten the anchor rope holes. So without removing the bowsprite and the cheeks I removed the little deck, drilled 4 holes with great difficulty, reinstalled everything and need to let dry overnight so I can sand and shape the area. Marcus
  8. Thanks for all the likes and comments. After all the cheeks were rough sanded, I started to dry fit the bottom cheeks. When everything fit I glued each side in place. The next day I sanded the bottom cheeks and dry fitted the second layer of the cheeks, glued in place and the following day sanded that and did the same for the 3rd, 4th,and fifth cheek layer. This process has taken me 3 weeks. Also my first attempt a lion from Sculpey, looks more like a monster. I see that it needs work. With Christmas did not
  9. Beautifully built and the attention to the details are amazing. I always love looking at your builds, especially the Dutch ships Marcus
  10. I saw on the news that you are getting clobbered. We have a dusting of that white stuff. Marcus
  11. Thanks for all the likes and comments. Cut out and rough sanded all the cheeks from walnut and some extra pieces from cherry and basswood. I use the basswood and cherry pieces as practice. Once these pieces fit I will take and compare them to the walnut cheeks, fine sanding where needed and glue them together. I know this is a lot of work but it is my way of getting it right It has been warm these last two days so all the cutting and rough sanding was done outside. Marcus
  12. Thanks for all the likes and wonderful comments. Building the bowsprite. I find this part on of the most demanding exercise of building a scratch ship model. I always double or triple the pieces of wood that make up the bowsprite. I always break one or two. I have glued some of the paper templates to the wood. I will make them out of walnut and cherry. Marcus
  13. I like how you built your bowsprite, something I am working on for my Zeehaen. Not an easy item to create. Marcus
  14. Thanks for all the likes and comments. Small update. Painted all the windows yellow ochre. Inserted the single and double blocks in upper area of the hull. The area where the single blocks are located will be painted 'An Dyk' green. I don't know the name of this but installed a small rectangular piece of wood with a hole for rope in between the upper wales. Marcus
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