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  1. Thanks for all the compliments, comments and likes. We've been having some very nice weather (30 to 34°C, I love the heat) so no work on the boat. Nice weather = outside in the garden. Did do a few strakes here and there last week. Scarph joints. Creating the joints is working out nicely. I am very happy with the progress I am making. Marcus
  2. https://www.modelbouwforum.nl/threads/ghost-ship-schaal-1-28.262681/ https://www.modelbouwforum.nl/threads/2017-fluitschip-sint-laurens-1675-1-87.206710/ Hans from the Kolderstok company told me that the next kit he is putting together is the Fluit Zeehaen. Marcus
  3. Put it in the collection tray at church (George Carlin).
  4. My gadget for cutting scarph joints. Piece of 1mm thick brass at 25mm total length and the curved areas are each 2.5mm long. So the straight area is 20mm long. I use a x-acto knife holder to hold the 'scarph joint cutter blade' and with a hammer pound on the cutter to create the joints. Also I filed an edge on the cutter. Marcus
  5. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=Artesania+Latina+Mantua+Corel+Mamoli+Handmade+Wooden+Ship+Model+“Santa+Ana”+1%2F84&_trksid=m5467.l1311 Check the price. Marcus
  6. Thank you for all the likes and comments. 2nd layer of planking continues. I have looked at other planking from Fluits on a Dutch forum and they are different for every fluit build. Some have close to the same as my Zeehaen. My bow is not as bluff as some of the ships in 17th century Dutch merchant ships book. So there are mistakes I have made. I sanded too much wood from the bow and instead of a tight and small curve, it is a much larger curve. It has been suggested I should fill it out where my bow is dented. I will do that through planking. This is not the only Fluit I am building, I plan to do another one with cannons and will be smaller in length but the same scale. So I did a few more strakes. Two strakes a day. Scarph joints ar3 working out very well. Adding steelers at the early stage of planking. Marcus
  7. Thanks, Carl. I am learning a lot from modelbouwforum.nl. There are several modelers that have built or are building fluits. Marcus
  8. Started with the second layer of planking and using cherry as the 2nd layer and walnut for the wales. Practicing with getting the scarphs correctly placed together and doing it near the keel as this is an area which most people will not see if I make a mistake. Once I get to the bilge area I should be good at it. I will be planking for a while. Marcus
  9. Pumps On the Zeehaen there is one on the left close to the windlass and one on the right somewhere in back. On modelbouwforum.nl there are several Fluits being built and all of the ships have there pumps located the same way as the Zeehaen. There are no 2 pumps together. Mast bands Some ships do and some don't. Marcus
  10. When the weather is warm I don't work on the boat, I work outside in the garden. We did have some rain in between so I worked a bit on the Fluit. I used tracing paper and copied the curvature of the wales from the plan and transferred the lines to the hull. Compared to what I initially installed as the lower wale, the one on the plan follows the curve of the Fluit better. My original wale has a too steep of a curve towards the center of the hull. Then attached 2 long planks as a temporary lowere wale. It takes about 8 strakes from the keel to the bilge and 6 strakes from the bilge to the lower wale. Marcus
  11. Thank you both, I will definitely look up both of them. I have heard from some people that they make those themselves. Thanks against, Marcus
  12. Hans, In post 152, last picture, the clamps. Self made? Here you can purchase them in 6" (15cm) and up. I have not found anything that small. Marcus

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