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DeAgostini Sovereign of the Seas, and disposition thereof...

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I'm in the US and have the first 70-odd installments of DeAgostini's SotS (and it's almost unstarted, most parts still in their bags). I do not expect to obtain the rest of the installments.


I'd be happy to part with what I have, but the purchaser would need to secure the rest of the installments.


> If you are in the UK, I think you can do this... maybe someone can confirm-- can one start a subscription at installment #74, for example? Note that this lot of material weighs a good 15 or 20 pounds, so shipping from the US will have a noticeable cost;


> If you are in North America, the shipping will be better, but as far as I know, you cannot order the kit from DeAgostini USA, and I do not know if you can order it at all from the UK.. anyone know for sure?



Either way, I'd be happy to talk to anyone on either side of the pond who might be interested... feel free to contact me offline.



Pat M


p.s.: Photos aplenty at: http://yankeesots.wordpress.com/  ... the long sordid story might be discussed later...

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I might have been interested if all the parts were there. But there are too many if's for me. I like all the parts to be together before I start a build, especially one of these. They remind me of programs you could buy into back in the 50's and 60's and sometimes companies would go out of business before the project was completed leaving you hanging. You would be better off getting the rest of the installments and then selling it as a completed installment kit. But whether you would ever come close to getting your investment back out of it or not would be the question.

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I'm happy to say that I now have the full kit in hand, no missing installments. 


I could build it... if I had the time. But I may need to let all 40 pounds (including the 135 "magazine" instruction booklets) of this kit go. Postage might be a bit, it'll be a big carton, for the 135 packets and the partially assembled framework (bulkheads and keel assembly).


Yes, it's expensive to obtain through the DeAgostini parts work plan, currently comes to about US$1250 at the current exchange rate, and more for getting it across the pond if you could find someone to gather and ship it.  


Maybe I should just let ebay work its magic...






Looks more impressive when all 135 packets are laid out on the floor! But see all of them and their contents at:


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Yeah, but how much are you wanting for the whole lot and where abouts are you located? Regular Sovereign of the Seas kits go for about $600.00 on Ebay there abouts, so if this is the magic you are looking for than Ebay maybe your best bet. But I would at least put a price on it and list it in the classifieds and see what happens. You might get a bit more by explaining that DeAgostini kits come with well documents and better step by step instructions than the normal SOS kit that you can buy from Mantua.




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