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I am building Vanguard

Has anyone tried fitting gun ports before the final planking.

Its would seem this is a fiddly process.

I am consider installing gun ports first and  leaving them  .5mm proud of the surface to be planked( Sand them back to .5mm proud)  and then planking up to them.

Anyone tried this.

? Thoughts

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I agree with Keith and that's what I always do.  It's also a good idea to make a jig that you can use to ensure that your ports are all the same size.  Lastly, when you do your final layer of planking around the ports you will inevitably have to do some sanding/filing to square everything off.  If you put a light coat of lacquer around the port it will help prevent the wood from splitting as you file.  And whether or not the plans call for it, building a little frame inside each port hides the first layer of planking and gives your model a nice look. 

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