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  1. Scratch building is great! I didn't like what the gunwals looked like from the deck up, so I sawed, cut and ground all of it off! I'll redesign it after I finished planking the hull which I have started.
  2. I've finished rough decking the inside of the hull. Aft cabin dry fitted only
  3. I'm close to finishing the internal decking. Then I have to design and install deck framing to keep the inside open for viewing.
  4. I love the Roman numeral depth marks. How have you all been? Judy and I are fine. Nice work on this build. Judy and Rich Hippner
  5. I must say that building a ship without plans is very interesting. First of all I'm building this ship from the inside out first. Never did that before. I find it interesting when I build a part and don't like it to just rip it out and start over. Scratch building can be fun as well as challenging.
  6. I've finally glued the ribs (frames) to the keel. Now I've started the internal decking.
  7. I'm still dry fitting and adjusting the frames before cinching anything permanently. So far all the internal space I need seems perfect. Sleeping quarters, galley, storage areas are all the correct size. It's the old adage, measure twice...cut once!
  8. Here's a pic of the scratch built ribs I made. They will be planked on both sides, inside and hull side so looks don't matter, only shape and strength.
  9. I did some work (actually a lot) on my semi scratch version of the Spray. I used the keel from the Laughing Whale kit with slight mods and than made scratch built ribs using the shape from the plans. Since this will be a version of Slocum's Spray whereby you will be able to see inside the whole ship, from Slocum's sleeping-reading quarters to below deck storage, to his galley, to the sail locker. Theses pics are just dry fitted in place and need some adjustments. BTW the wood n this kit is pretty old, so I shall be buying much of what I need on line. Any suggestions?
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