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  1. Thanks everyone! Now I'm going to try and donate it to a Slocum Museum.
  2. My Spray is finally finished. Engraved plaques and a print if Slocum reading in his cabin. The Spray is shown running before a storm with all sails furled except a storm jib. A sea anchor is deployed to keep its stern pointed into the sea and wind.
  3. Now I have to make title plaques for the base then I'll see if any of the Slocum museums want this display model for their visitors. It's a perfect tool to show folks how Slocum lived for over three years while sailing alone.
  4. Slocum is now running before the storm with main and mizzen furled, sea anchor out and storm jib flying like a spinnaker .
  5. I've installed a sea anchor. Next will be a furled mizzen. Then Slocum can coast safely before the storm while reading and drinking wine.
  6. The storm jib is almost set, the main is furled, next I'll set a sea anchor and furled mizzen. Then Joshua Slocum can ride out the storm drinking wine and reading.
  7. What do you stunt fly? 


  8. Still more rigging. Trying to make sails but I'm not having much success. The sail material that came with this old kit looks like a pillow case? Now I'm trying to retro some old sails I have. Here's some more pics FYI.
  9. I've added books to Slocum's library and a bottle of wine. Not much else I can do.
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