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  1. Here's my Spray at the museum in Nova Scotia. They're building a display case for it.
  2. The Spray finally made it to the museum. Just a little re-rigging damage that I will talk the museum through how to fix it. That makes two of my models are now on permanent display at museums!!! As soon as I get pics of the display I shall post them,
  3. The Islands Historical Society in Freeport Nova Scotia will permanently exhibit my "Spray" in The Joshua Slocum Exhibit in The Mount Hanley Schoolhouse Museum
  4. Hooray!!! A museum in Nova Scotia will permanently display my "Spray" Details to follow
  5. Thanks everyone! Now I'm going to try and donate it to a Slocum Museum.
  6. My Spray is finally finished. Engraved plaques and a print if Slocum reading in his cabin. The Spray is shown running before a storm with all sails furled except a storm jib. A sea anchor is deployed to keep its stern pointed into the sea and wind.
  7. Now I have to make title plaques for the base then I'll see if any of the Slocum museums want this display model for their visitors. It's a perfect tool to show folks how Slocum lived for over three years while sailing alone.
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