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  1. I finally broke house arrest and got brass plaques made to finally finish this build. Hallelujah! I plan on offering this ship to the Marine Corps Museum for display. How I'm going to get it there is another question. A local trophy shop made them.
  2. I finally broke house arrest and got brass plaques made to finally finish this build. Hallelujah! I plan on offering this ship to the Marine Corps Museum for display. How I'm going to get it there is another question.
  3. The six frigates period. Washington started the project and Jefferson finished it around 1805 The USS Constitution helped defeat the barbary pirates in the Mediterranean. Gave rise to the Marine Corps hymn, "to the shores of Tripoli.."
  4. I finally got around to building an appropriate stand for my Conny. I had been using the one that came with the kit, but it's a puny 12" thing. Now my Conny rests an a proper 24" varnished stand!
  5. Bob, I'm going to try a scratch or semi-scratch build where I will open the cabins and deck like you did. I think you've done a remarkable job.
  6. I'm collecting data, drawings and anything I'm going to need to make a scratch or semi-scratch version of Joshua Slocum's Spray. Semi-scratch means parts I have leftover from past builds or I can buy from vendors. I first have to draw to scale what I want to build and buy some much better tools. Any suggestions or contributions would be very welcome.
  7. I can't get to the engraving store on account of this virus. So, my ship has to wait until the store re-opens to do the finishing touches. I hope all is well by all of you. Social distancing has its pros and cons, but we have to put a stop to this scourge.
  8. I added a pennant on the main mast and made paper plaques to simulate the brass ones I'll have made. I installed a miniature replica of the USMC Officer's sword. I'm still cleaning up and repairing minor damage. I'm getting there even after over three years!
  9. I'm basically finished with what I can do. Now, I have to go through the instructions, pictures and drawings to catch small stuff I might have missed. Also, I'm still "graying" the pure white running rigging. I might add a mast top pendant. I'll also have to find my original files on the Argus to make sure I got it right. I can't believe I started this model on January 19, 2017! That's three years three months of working on it. Of course Stage four cancer and 20% deep tissue burns got in the way.
  10. I finished the lifts and braces ! Now I have to repair all the damage I did when my bandages caught on completed rigging! I'm also "graying" up the new rigging. It is pure white and very glaring.
  11. All the foremast yards are now braced. I examined my work using these bandaged and burned hands and I'm aghast at the amateurish work I am now turning out. Compared the my past two ships which can be examined with a magnifying glass for fine details, these look like a cartoon version of ship building.

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