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  1. My Admiral says I have to add some rigging to this ship as well as a reclining figure of Slocum. Now I'll need to find a two inch figure and make it look like a bald bearded man.
  2. No rigging!!! Just use your imagination for sails. As far as the tacks go, they're in his chest by his bunk
  3. I've tied down Slocum's shortened dingy and added some sacks of flour to his stores.
  4. Help! How do I get my Spray build to show under my name? It only shows 3 old builds now.
  5. I fabricated a cooking pot for Slocum's galley and hung it by his stove
  6. I've stored Slocum's water barrel below deck except for one and that one is mounted on deck.
  7. " Bucket and Chuck it!" Harvey Golden verified what I thought. Slocum just used a bucket and threw the stuff overboard. I built a bucket with a rope so the bucket could be washed after use. I also shortened Slocum's dingy since the one I originally built was too long. It's funny since that's what Slocum did to his original dingy when he realized it was too long to store on deck. He cut it in half!
  8. That’s exactly what I thought so I just added a bucket to Slocum’s cabin. Thanks for your input.
  9. she asked a good question. The answer is I had to be crazy to start this project. It’s been much more difficult than I imagined. I want viewers to see just how Slocum existed for over three years. A 36 foot boat!!! I’m on the home stretch now. Good luck with your build. I’ll follow you Rich
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