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I now have myself a photo etch machine. I want to make oars, harpoons, ratlines, deadeyes blubber hooks and any numer of whale ship gear. Of course items for other ships as well.  I downloaded DraftSight, and they lost me at X  Y.  Is there a simple free program I can use?


Much thanks.



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I've been pleased with Serif DrawPlus Starter. It's a vectored drawing program rather than a drafting program which makes it easy to trace over an imported image then reduce the tracing to the size you need. I think it will suit your needs perfectly, I've been strongly considering a photo-etch kit and intend to use DrawPlus for the masks needed.

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The kit I'm looking at is from Micro-Mark. It uses masks that can be printed on most computer printers and chemicals in the kit remove the un-masked metal.




There's a link to how it works there. I don't know if Chief has this kit but it's the only one I've found.

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