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running rigging tied to standing rigging question - retitled by moderator

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I assume your referring to the standing part (the end that is not hauled on) and how it attaches to stays or shrouds.  If the line is paired, like with braces that originate on a stay, then some countries used an eye spliced into the brace and then seized one above the other onto the stay.  Others preferred using a short pendant with an eye splice into each end that was middled and clove hitched to the stay.  The standing parts of the braces were then seized to the eyes of the pendants.


In general, I believe they would be fastened with an eye splice seized to the stay, backstay, or shroud.  A clove hitch, or any other hitch, would not have been considered a secure enough fastening.  Lines like up hauls for jib and stay sails would be attached like this to their stays.



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