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planking questions on measuring and symmetry

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I'm building the Glad Tidings Pinky Schooner as my first wooden kit (will start a log soon) and have reached the planking phase and have a few questions.


The kit includes a planking layout which I have used to mark my belt lines. When transfering plank widths, I ran into a number of snags and just went with using a planking fan template for the marks. I used artist tape as batons, adjusted to get a smooth curve, and remarked belt lines where needed. I've found while marking plank widths that my belt marks are different on each side at just a few bulkeads, which results in slightly different sized planks (less than 5mm). Should this be worrisome? Should I duplicate one side or should I use a different sized plank on one? I'm not quite sure what the proper way to go about it is. I do admit the planking process has been a little scary.

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Thanks, guys. Everything pretty much lined up on both sides except for one bulkhead where my belt line was about 3mm different. I went ahead and made the marks the same on both sides. I was just worried that I might run into some problem with it. I completely think I'm over thinking the whole process.


Now that I'vd completed my marks, I'm ready for the first plank. My directions say to start with the plank at the belt line. I've seen where some people start at the deck. Any suggestions on what may be a better starting point?

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The deck line is important on a boat like this. It will mark the sheer line of the boat. I would start there, complete the upper belt, and then work the bottom belt from the keel upward. Then you can finish with the middle belt. The middle belt has the probably the easiest planks to fit with very little curvature.



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