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Constructo's Pilar


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Greetings All,


I asked for, and received, Pilar by Constructo for Christmas. I have built two other Constructos, the Enterprise and America.

I became interested in Pilar after seeing a good build log on MSW and an article on the real boat in Wooden Boat magazine. The kit compares pretty well with Hemingway's the real Pilar, which has been preserved in Havana. The kit calls for the hull to be natural finish, but Pilar actually had a black hull. So far, the only egregious kit item I have seen is the keel/propeller/rudder assembly. It looks like it was cobbled together by folks who only know wind power, I guess. However, this problem is easily rectified - there are many pictures of Pilar's running gear on the interweb. Another minor issue is the lack of an exhaust pipe, which should be on the port side of the transom. Other than that we are good to go. Materials and instructions are very good.



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Pilar is a great looking boat, are you going to go with black for the hull?  I think I would.

anyway, good luck with your build, I will be watching :)











future build: to finish Mary Rose




completed builds:  Constructo Steam Launch Louise

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Greetings Tar...


Yes, black hull all the way. There are many pictures showing every detail of the existing boat, so there is no reason not to do it as built. A movie is being made of Hemingway, including Pilar. However, they are not using the actual boat - they are modifying a smaller Wheeler similar to Pilar. The up shot is that if you want to see pictures make sure they are of the real Pilar which is currently on a cradle in Havana.



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