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Dandy 2 tunna fishing boat


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I found this model in my mums attic and being a novice know nothing about building model boats, but I have knoledge of building other models. I wanted to know before I started it how much it's worth it's over 18yrs old and in complete perfect condition. As its my first model ship I would rather sell it if it's worth something to someone who knows what there doing. It's made by dikar I think. Fully complete and in immaculate condition. Different box to the pic on here but exactly the same model. Any info would've appreciated

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Hello, Jase.


The Dandy II is a kit once manufactured by the long-since defunct Dikar company.  Billing Boats, Soclaine, and Artesania Latina all still make kits of the same type of vessel.  The AL kit can be had new for well under US $100.  Given the age of your kit and the availability of newer, inexpensive kits, you might be looking at around US $50 for yours.  If you wish to have a crack at selling it, you can post it in the Traders & Dealers section after reading the seller's guidelines.



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For tools advice, click here.  Have a look at the other resources available while you're there.  Be sure to open a build log when you start your model -- that's the best way to get advice and encouragement.


Good luck with your project!

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