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to pickle or not pickle, that is the question.

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I have read about pickling in silver soldering.  I will be soldering copper wire and copper parts.  I was hoping for some opinions on those who do or do not pickle. I thought that pickling was to remove burn off in the finished piece but now am not so sure.


One member said they pickle before soldering and after.


I would appreciate any ideas.





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Hi Richard

I used to use jewelers pickle,10% hydrochloric acid,if I remember rightly to clean up parts, brass and copper after soldering. I tend to use ordinary domestic malt vinegar now.....its still a 10% acid solution and does the same job.seemsto work.....no problems up to yet!

Prior to soldering I would use iospropanol,acetone or even good old m.e.kto clean the parts.make sure you wash it of before soldering! Clean the areas to be soldered with a scratch brush and away you go.


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Wow! There is an enormous difference in acidity between a 10% solution of acetic acid (vinegar) and 10% HCL. If the vinegar works, then I would stick with it. Much safer. Flux is also weakly acidic. If often is composed of Rosin acids, a by product from Pine Tree pulping.



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