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Are there any lines that go in front of the sail?

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Of all the sail lines (lifts, buntlines, clewlines, sheets, reef tackles, leechlines and bowlines) are there any that should go in front of the sail?
Perhaps I should exclude the bowlines, because they do go forwards anyways.

It seems I read somewhere that there are lines in front of the sail, but I don't remember which they are.

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Hi Jay, the leech lines also  come across the front of the sail.


Don't know if it will be of any help to you but this is a sail rigging plan I prepared when building my heller Seventy-four.




This is the fore sail, not as fully detailed as the topsails as it was eventually clewed up.



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Thank you fellows. I also found the spot on the drawings for the USS Constitution where it said 'buntlines and leechlines are forward of the sail. All others are aft.'


When I think about it that makes sense because the men standing on the footropes would be behind the spar hauling up the sail on the other side. The reef tackle would be along the sides of the sail, which leaves the clewline. it shares a double block with the sheet of the sail above it and goes behind the sail. So that's the way I will go for the three topsails.

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