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zvezda black swan


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I have been looking at the zvezda black swan., as it really looks like a spot on  model., at the same time zvezda's black pearl., look's and read's almost exactly the same., except for the plastic colour and the number of parts.,the price's are way apart, can someone tell me the real differences between these two kit's and is one better than the other thankyou,

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I bought the zveda black swan and altered her to black pearl- the main difference is the figurehead. I also scratchbuilt replacement masts and sails to replace the plastic ones- the main reason they brought out the black swan kitm was to avoid copyright in europe!




P.S. i built it for my daughter who is a massive P.O.T.C. fan hence the other disney stuff in the background!

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cw......Im working on the black swan now, just getting ready to start rigging.  I am leaving some parts off and adding others.  Trying to make a "hybrid".  Interesting to read about scratching the masts.......I'm going to try and scratch out the shrouds and ratlines as I don't like the plastic and frankly need the practice.  But please tell me about the sails.  The plastic are out for me, they hide too much and look, well, bad.  What material did you use,  I was considering furling the square sails with some very lite material.  Btw, I also went dark on the color scheme.....I'd like to send a pic, how's that done.....with a digital camera.....with a iphone?


Airfix Golden Hinde  1/72 is next for me, then on to Model Shipways


thanks    james

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I have the Black Swan also, although it is boxed under Revell as "Pirate Ship"..... Really great description guys. Anyway, the differences you noted are correct as well as the figure head is different, which is too bad due to the Black Pearl's figure head is much cooler, at least I think so. The price difference, no idea....


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