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  1. My wife bought me a Fujimi 1/350 IJN Fuso for Christmas from eBay. When I finally had a chance to inventory it, months later, I found that the hull pieces were for the Kongo and not the Fuso. After trying to contact the seller, which I got no response, I tried contacting the Fujimi company to see if I could purchase the correct hull pieces. No response from three emails. So, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can get the correct hull pieces? Thanks in advance, Steve
  2. Looks good so far. The color is really a terra cotta color. One of the closest matches you might try is the Model Masters Burnt Sienna in acrylics. Great brownish red. Hope this helps. Steve
  3. Mike, I have the same ship in my stash and one of these days I'll actually get to it. The one thing I do not like about the kit is the capstan the actually surrounds the main mast. I plan on junking it and scratching my own. Otherwise, it is a cool kit. I have built a couple of Zvezda/Revell ships and the molding is really nicely done. Have fun on it. Steve
  4. Dan, Nicely done sir! I know your little plastic bug held up as well if not better than some of those woodies. I noticed in the background of your 4th picture a Mataro Ship model. It just so happens that I am building an Imai Catalan Ship at this time. If you want to check it out at FSM, the link is: http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/7/t/163417.aspx Steve
  5. Henry, Thanks for the tutorial on your dead eyes and chains. I have been wrestling with the same issue on my Imai Catalan Ship. I do not want to use just the line to strop them so I have been playing around with wire to get the look I want. This post helped a great deal. Steve
  6. Dang Greg, the detail work you are doing is exquisite! Beautiful work my friend. Regarding Eduard, that was some customer service you received.....NOT! I have always had great luck with their products, but man, they should have happily returned your money in the interest of good customer service. Steve
  7. Yikes! Sorry to hear about the incident, and if makes you feel any better, although Popeye's is on the extreme side, I have dropped the Imai Catalan Ship that I have been working on twice now. Hopefully you can get her back into a shipshape appereciate soon. Or are you going to concentrate on the Soliel Royal now that you have the correct hull half? Steve
  8. Kevin, If I had choose between those two sets, then I would go with the Pontos set. That being said, both of those sets are really delicate and you need a very light hand when working with them. The wood deck is nice, but the Revell kit already has a one piece deck, so the wood deck is redundant if you can paint a convincing deck. I have the Eduard sets for my Revell 1/350 Tirpitz and I am happy with them. I agree with Greg though, check out online reviews before you purchase anything, because both of those PE sets are expensive. Hope this helps, Steve Edit: another thing you should know is that Pontos and Lions Roar instructions are somewhat difficult to follow and not complete. You will need to do your research in regards to the placement of parts. I prefer Eduard's instruction but if you know your ship then you'll be able to figure out where things go.
  9. Pat, She is looking good so far. I love this kit even if it is one of Revell's oldest ship molds from the 1950's. My oldest son and I built this for a 2nd grade project a couple of years ago and it was amazing how much the other kids were excited about it when he brought it to school. Anyway, have fun with it! That 's why we build these things, isn't it?....... Steve
  10. Great work so far Greg. I like your workaround on the hawser holes and prop shafts. I used a piece of plastic sheet painted black on my Dreadnought's hawser holes but I really like your idea. Looking forward for more updates. Steve
  11. G. I know I said it before, but you are doing beautiful work on your Scnellboot. Steve
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