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Greetings Jim,


Chapelle identifies the 1775 Independence as a 10 gun sloop. It would appear based on similar vessels that she would have had a cat on each side of the bow, with a tackle consisting of two sheaves at the end of each cat suspending a line and a double block with a hook. The hook would have been attached to the anchor ring when the anchor was hoisted to the surface so that the anchor could be lifted to the railing for stowing.



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Here is the bows of my Lexington model.  The port anchor is hanging from the cathead.  The starboard is hoisted up and lashed to the rail.

Lexington is only a little bigger than your vessel and of precisely the same time period.


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A complete description of properly rigging and securing the bower and kedge anchors can be found in pages 137 -143 in Volume IV of The Fully Framed Model by David Antscherl.   Additional good descriptions can be found in Lavery's Arming and Fitting on page 53-54 as well as Darcey Lever's The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor and James Lees  The Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War .


There is more than just having a line that goes through the cat sheaves to a block and hook.  Once the anchor is raised, it has to be brought up to the hull and secured.  Fish davits come into play for this chore.  Keep in mind that after 1773, the fish davits were shortened and secured to the fore channels with a shoe. Many plans do not show these very clearly, if at all.  



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