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  1. Not sure this is the best place to post it, but the video I just watched is quite fascinating and may have been posted previously. Models of all types of things, including ships, from small subjects to the tallest matchstick model in the world can be seen. The modeler shows a bit on how he goes about the basics to get started making these beauties. Allan https://www.youtube.com/embed/HyuE1XnYO0I
  2. Hello Helli, If you are referring to the lanyard between the hearts, there is no knot. From Lees' Masting and Rigging, page 40, "When hearts were used, the lanyard was spliced into the upper heart then rove through alternate hearts using as many turns as the heart would allow or until the lanyard was used up. The end of the lanyard was seized to the turn of the lanyard adjacent to itself with a couple of seizings." Allan
  3. Bob, there are photos of contemporary models, sketches, and comments in Franklin's book Navy Board Models on pages 156 and 159 clearly showing and explaining that there are rotating pieces and clasps for the ensign staff. The clasp was opened and the ensign staff rotated forward and down to the deck. Allan
  4. Two from George Carlin 1937- 2008 Electricity is really just organized lightning. If it's true that our species is alone in the universe, then I'd have to say the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.
  5. Super congratulations Jim! I have been back to the Academy quite a few times since graduation, but not recently. Wish I had known about your event and could have timed one of my business trips to NY to coincide. Did you happen to get a copy of the book and if yes, is it a good read? Cheers Allan
  6. Helli Seeing this is your first post, welcome aboard the good ship MSW. To which lines are you referring? Many consider CA is a bad choice for use in ship modeling in general. Sorry, I could not find Weisslein, so not familiar with this. Rather than knots, splices and seizings, coated with diluted white glue will generally do the trick. For knots such as clove hitches for the ratlines on the shrouds, they will hold very well without any glue at all. A photo or more details that you can share may help the crew here get you better detailed answers to your dilemma. Allan
  7. Mark, Your attention to detail and facts based on actual research of contemporary sources is fantastic and I, for one, very much appreciate the time and effort I am sure you take to do this kind of research. Allan
  8. Beautiful work!! I just looked at your website and am very impressed with your shop overall and would love to see it one day. Allan
  9. If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough. Mario Andretti Born February 28, 1940 (age 80 years)
  10. Hi Jim, good to see you back. Your latest paintings reminded me of one of my merchant mariner heros, Edwin O'Hara for which the athletic hall at the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY is named. He was an 18 year old cadet of the SS Stephen Hopkins which was in a surface battle with a German ship in 1942. The Hopkins went down with much of her crew, including O'Hara who took over the manning of their 4" gun prior to going down. I believe the Hopkins was the only Liberty Ship credited with sinking a German ship as the German ship Stier was so heavily damaged by the Hopkins that she was scuttled. The painting below can be seen at the academy and I thought as an artist you would appreciate this tribute to O'Hara. Cadet Edwin O'HaraSS Stephen Hopkins
  11. Welcome aboard Cricket. Good to see such lovely work as yours. I for one am looking forward to seeing more of your work. Allan
  12. The older I get, the more I understand and agree with the following quote. The recent run on toilet paper is a good example of why my agreement for this statement strengthens. . Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein, born March 14, 1879, died April 18, 1955.
  13. Them old jokes are super, but I thought most of us have a lot of favorite quotes, including our own. For many, if not most, of the members here, youth is but a memory which reminded me of one that I have always liked. Old age is no place for sissies - Bette Davis - Born 1908-Died 1989
  14. Richard, Shame on me for not spotting your build log before now. Your attention to detail is awesome. I will be referencing it for sure the next time a schooner project comes in. Allan

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