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  1. Regardless of the wood species, as there are lines of what looks to be a body plan, you can make the hull from segments based on these lines. Alternatively you can go with a solid block as you mention and make card stock pieces from the body plan lines to check your fairing of the hull from stem to transom. Basswood may be OK as it is good for carving, but I find it prone to denting and scratching as it is soft compared to other readily available species, including poplar or maple which you can get at any local lumber supplier. Do you have a CAD program? Allan
  2. Hope you enjoy the following. Great song, great message.
  3. Laggard, You are not alone . Anyone of us who cares about the quality of our own models are our own harshest critics. That is a good thing!! Allan
  4. Steven If you think that plant is pot, you apparently never had the pleasure or they have a very strange looking variety in Oz. 😄 Allan
  5. This cartoonist, Tim Whyatt was a new one for me, but I suspect all you Aussie members are very familiar with him. He is very much like American cartoonist Gary Larson with his subtlety and humor. A couple that I think I can post here are below. I have only seen a dozen or so that were just sent to me in the past few hours but look forward to seeing more. Some are on the edge of our policies regarding subject matter so I have not taken a chance to post them. Cheers Allan
  6. I was looking forward to everyone's reviews, but could not wait so I just ordered a copy on Amazon and it gives a delivery for Monday. Glad Jeff B. did his thing back in '94. Sure saved me a lot of gasoline not having to make so many trips to stores! I know he has his detractors but I wish I had been smart enough to think up the concept and take the plunge to start a business in my garage like he did. Allan
  7. Have you looked at the modern (1947) model at NMM? Do a search in their collections section for the Earl of Pembroke. Endeavour was originally the merchant collier Earl of Pembroke, built by Thomas Fishburn. There are six views including the one below that may help you. Note that there are no belaying pins on rails. There may have been some pins rails tied to the shrouds. Allan
  8. Jamie, There are no secrets on the web. I was a CIA agent for years and researching is part of the craft........ (That is a big fat lie. it was the FBI,,, not!) I was a salesman for most of my career and spent a LOT of time researching to find and learn about potential clients and their products before ever contacting them. Research paid huge dividends just as research pays dividends (for me at least) in this hobby. Some prefer to just jump in and sink or swim, but whatever works for you, go for it. There are not that many so called "right ways" to do anything in our hobby. The end result is what counts as well as having fun in the process. Allan
  9. IPA should work on removing the stem. It will take a good bit of alcohol with a swab or brush and you need to work briskly as it evaporates quickly. It will not stain the wood but if there is any residual glue on the wood it may show up. This should be sanded off anyway so no harm. Once removed, be sure to sand any residual glue from the stem and the center piece before gluing it back on. I agree with mark, do not remove the fillers, they need to be part of the fairing process. Allan
  10. Jamie?? You are trying to edge set the planks which does not work. You have to either spile them or soak and pre-bend the plank around a form then heat it as shown in the tutorials here at MSW. You can try both methods to see which works best for you, but keep in mind you may have occasions where one works easily and the other does not, depending on the severity of the bend, the type of wood, etc. If you are stuck with strip wood from the kit, you will be relegated to moisture and heat to side bend around a form before putting on the hull as spiling requires wider stock so you can cut the plank to the proper curve. I noticed you have not marked out the bulkheads with the width of the plank at each bulkhead so you can be sure your planks are properly tapered. This will really help you get fair lines of planking. Cheers Allan
  11. I found a bunch of solutions on the 'net from heat to alcohol to vinegar. My preference has usually been alcohol. The problem is getting it to the glue. If you have a large area and there is glue far from the seam, it will be difficult to get the liquid to those areas. Pictures may help get a lot of responses from members that also have to go through this. Cheers Allan
  12. Today in 1805, the battle at Trafalgar. 216 years ago!!! Please sign in to the Adam Preston website below and sign on board if you would like to see a mini series on Nelson produced for TV. Allan
  13. Welcome aboard!!! If you do a little search here at MSW you will see other builds of this ship (it is not a boat) 😄, including comments on the Billings kit materials and instructions in particular. Take at look at the post https://modelshipworld.com/topic/18657-new-to-ship-modelling-but-what-do-you-build-first/?tab=comments#comment-573653 before jumping into your build. Whether you decide to stay with the Mayflower or decide to return it for a more appropriate first build, spend some time reading up on the particular real ship you go with. It usually adds to the enjoyment of the build as well as gaining an understanding and appreciation of the ship you choose. Allan
  14. Bud Can you post a photo? I would think they should be kept in place before the fairing so I cannot visualize your problem. Regarding IPA what kind of glue did you use? Allan
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